Make Your Mattress Survive Moving Day – Tips to Protect the Mattress

Moving from one place to the other is painful and involves more work like wrapping plates and glasses, packaging electronics, and much more. In this process, many of us often forget to protect two essential things from damage, such as box springs and mattresses. Yes, it’s true. A Mattress gets torn or dirty while moving to a new place.

These days, you can find mattresses specially designed for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. So, you can choose the mail order mattress depending on your sleeping position. These mattresses contour your body shape and help in reducing pressure at points.  

In this article, you know why and how you have to protect your mattress when moving. 

How does a mattress gets damaged while moving?

People often don’t think of protecting mattresses as they are sturdy and improbable to break, but actually, they come up with different kinds of damages if you move them unprotected. They include:

Bed bugs – Bed bugs can settle down on the bed from the previous mover, so you have to ensure that the truck is clean. Otherwise, bed bugs may be carried into your house and reek on your family and pets.

Dust – A mattress moved into the truck and outdoors will expose to more dust. So, it is essential to cover the mattress to avoid dust allergies.

Odors – A truck is supposed to carry several items such as shoes, old couches, laundry baskets, cookware, and more. Locking all these together can get smelly.

Accumulation of dirt – In the process of moving, you have to place the mattress on the floor, ground, and carpet of the truck. By this, dirt accumulates over the mattress.

In addition to the above, pollen, molds, and other damage-causing pests may exist in the truck. In case you want to protect your mattress from these types of damages, you have to take proper measures.

Tips for moving your mattress safely

Remove your bedding – Pull everything over the mattress like pillowcases, linen dress, bedsheets, and others. You can even vacuum your mattress and spot-clean it before wrapping it with a cover.

Wrap the mattress – To protect the mattress from water and dirt, wrap it with a cover. Wrap completely around the corners and edges of the mattress. With this, it will survive during the move.

Clear the way – If you want to make the moving smooth and quick, clear the way. If the pets or kids come in the path during the move, either they get harmed, or the mattress gets damaged, so you have to be cautious.

Use blankets below the mattress – You can use comforters or blankets below the mattress, to protect it further. By doing this, you can slide it in and out of the truck instead of carrying it with your hands (as the mattress is quite heavy).

Place your mattress between the furniture – Place the mattress between furniture like a table, dresser, and others that will serve a double purpose. By this, the mattress stands upright, and also it supports the other furniture.

Rent a truck – An enclosed truck can move your valuable things like mattresses, furniture, and others undamaged as they all fit perfectly in a spacious moving truck. So, consider hiring a moving truck rather than pick-up trucks or open trailers.

Know the weather forecast– In case, you can’t afford a truck know the weather forecast while planning a move. This will help you to protect the mattress from getting wet.

Maintain social distance while moving the mattress – Make sure that everyone wears a mask. In case you are hiring helpers, maintain 6 fix feet distance from them. Although you are eager to transport your valuable belongings to the new place, you have to take precautions while transporting them.

Inspect your mattress – After reaching the new place, inspect whether it is in exact shape or damaged. If possible, clean your mattress to have a comfortable sleep at night.

Whether you want to move your existing mattress or a new one, make sure that you protect it with a cover. A good quality, long-lasting mattress helps to attain quality sleep, so choose the best store that offers top-quality mattresses and order today.

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