LUVME Bob Lace Front Wigs vs Closure Lace Wigs


I know that there are many wig options for you. Two alternatives for you are bob lace front wigs and closure lace wigs. Do you want to know the differences between these wigs? I compare thoroughly these two wigs in this article. I also have another wig suggestion for you. Deep wave hair can be another nice alternative for you. Now, let us learn more about these wigs. Once you are familiar with these wigs, maybe, you see that one of them is your ideal wig.

1. What are Bob Lace Front Wigs?

Bob lace front wigs are the combination of bob wigs and lace front wigs. As you may know, the bob style is a short or medium-length and clean-cut hairstyle. And, bob wigs are short-length or medium-length wigs with the bob style. Bob wigs are timeless wigs and are especially preferred in the office environment. On the other hand, lace front wigs are wigs that cover your hairline from one to another ear. Their basic advantage is that they ensure a natural look. Bob lace front lace wigs as the combination of these two wigs offer you many advantages and different use.

2. What are Closure Lace Wigs?

Closure Lace Wigs are simple and easy wigs that can be installed without glue. They are installed at the top of your head and do not cover your hairline from one ear to another. They close off the wig in a particular manner. They can be middle part, three part or free part. It means that you can party your wig in the middle or in there different sections or freely.  These attributes of these wigs offer you different advantages as well some disadvantages, which I will explain below.

3. Comparing These Two Wigs in Different Aspects?

Now, it is time to compare these wigs in different aspects.


Bob lace front wigs are typically 13×4 in size. On the other hand, closure lace wigs are typically 4×4, 5×5 or 6×6. It means that bob lace front wigs offer you more space.


The bigger size of bob lace front wigs makes these wigs more versatile. It is possible for you to try different styles on these wigs. Conversely, closure lace wigs can only offer you limited styles because of their smaller size.


Installing both wigs takes about 1 hour. However, if you try more sophisticated styles on bob lace front wigs, it may take a longer time like 2-3 hours. Both wigs successfully close off the installation and eliminate the need of blending your natural hair with your wig. That said, closure wigs can be installed glueless and that is why, I can say, it is more suitable for daily use.

Beginner Friendly

Because closure lace wigs are simple wigs, I can say they are more beginner-friendly.


Both of these are made of lace. The only difference is the size of their lace.


Closure lace wigs need low maintenance. You do not have to use sophisticated wig products for these wigs.  It would be enough for you to wash the wig regularly, condition it after the washing and style it when it is tangled.


Glueless use of closure lace wigs makes them more durable. You can use these wigs for a long time if you care for them properly.

Suitability for your Head

Sometimes, you may experience problems with fitting closure lace wigs to your head.

Protection of Natural Hair

Closure lace wigs protect your natural hair better.


Although many women like lace front wigs, they complain about their prices. Nevertheless, bob lace front wigs are more affordable because of their smaller length but are more expensive than closure lace wigs.

4. Deep Wave Hair as a Third Alternative

I want to introduce and recommend deep wave hair as a third alternative now.

The deep wave texture is known for its tight curls and one-directional waves. As a result of this, deep wave hair is a dense and full wig. That is why they ensure you the thickness and volume you desire. I can simply summarize the benefits of deep wave hair like that;

  • As I said above, they are full and voluminous wigs.
  • Thanks to their fullness and volume, they look shiny and bouncy.
  • Their tight curls make these wigs stronger and more durable.
  • They are the preference of Afro-American women who like kinky hair.
  • They are free from tangling and shedding.

I especially recommend this wig for especially women who want a more defined and pronounced hair look. Because their fullness and shine can be easily noticed by people. As a result, you will be easily noticed and eye will be always on you. This will help you to trust your hair beauty and increase your confidence. It would be also a good option for black women who like tight curls.

5. Conclusion

Finally, I can make the following recommendations about these wigs.

  • Bob lace front wigs may be an ideal wig for women who seek a sophisticated wig. It can also contribute to the beauty of working women. Nevertheless, their higher price and high maintenance is their disadvantage.
  • Closure lace wigs are ideal for those looking for simplicity but offer limited styles.
  • Deep wave hair would be nice for women wanting to be easily noticed.

If you decide to buy one of these wigs, Luvme Hair will offer you a wide variety of these wigs with different styles and colors at affordable prices. All wigs of Luvme Hair are 100 % human hair and budget-friendly.