Lucky 88 slot machine review: an invitation to adventure

Every player dreams of making money and enjoying the game. That’s why many choose Lucky 88 slot machine for their leisure time. This slot is produced by Aristocrat Gaming and you can Lucky 88 pokie free download it for free on the Internet.

A brief description of the game

Lucky 88 is a slot machine with 5 reels and 25 lines. The game has a visually appealing design and pleasant music track. The symbols used in the game include: lamps, a Chinese jug, Master Fu Jun, a mosaic, and various Chinese signs. The game has two additional features that can bring the player great benefits.

The range of valid money bets

Betting in the Lucky 88 game is quite easy. The game features a range of valid money bets placed on each line from $0.01 to $5. This means that you can use up to $125 to play the game. This is a small enough wager to attract players who are looking for democratic slot machines.

Payout system and winning opportunities

Lucky 88 has a payout system that is high enough to allow players to get real winnings. The winnings can range from 5 to 888 coins. Additional winning opportunities are also present, including bonus games, wild symbols and freespins.

Bonus features

Lucky 88 is a slot machine with bonus features. The most significant is the free spins feature. This feature is activated when the player gets two or more wild symbols on any reel. Depending on the number of wild symbols, the player can get from 8 to 25 free spins.

Wild symbol and multiplier

The wild symbol of the Lucky 88 slot machine has two different meanings. First, it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. This allows players to easily create winning combinations. Second, the wild symbol can bring in additional prizes when creating winning combinations. It can also increase winning combinations by several times.

The rules of the game

Lucky 88 is a five reel, four row, and 25 paylines machine. The aim of the game is to set up winning combinations of symbols on the active lines. All symbols are available on the five reels and you can move them and change their location. To start the game you have to choose the number of active lines and coins for each line. The total amount of the deposit will be indicated on the screen. When you have finished setting the parameters, press the “Spin” button to spin the reels.

Bonus Games

Lucky 88 offers two types of bonus games. In the first one, you can select one of the two reels for an extra game. The reel will then spin automatically and all winnings will be credited to your balance. The second bonus game offers an increase in your bet up to 88 coins. For each additional coin you receive an additional prize. The win can be in the form of additional reel spins or a cash bonus.


The Lucky 88 slot has lucrative combinations that can bring generous profits to players. The following table shows which symbols and combinations will pay the maximum for each line:

| Symbol | Payout |

| — | — |

| Golden Ring | 88x |

| Chinese Fantastic Beast | 88x |

| Golden dragon | 50x |

| Golden eight | 40x |

| chinese sign | 25x |

| Rare Characters | 15x

How to win

To make big profits in Lucky 88, you have to constantly adjust your bets and constantly look for bonus games. It’s also important to pay attention to the payout table so you know which combinations make the most profit. In order to increase your chances of winning, you should activate all 25 lines and play for the maximum number of coins. You don’t want to go over the coins to avoid unnecessary costs.


Lucky 88 slot machine offers players an exciting adventure. This game features a range of valid money bets, a high payout system and bonus features. This slot machine allows players to make money and have fun. If you are looking for an exciting adventure, then Lucky 88 is exactly what you need. 

Lucky 88 is a simple and fun slot that can give the player a great profit. You have to understand the rules of the game and use bonuses and bonus games to get extra income. Moreover, you should pay attention to the payout table to have an idea of what combinations and prizes you can get. If you stick to these tips, your chances of winning at Lucky 88 will increase significantly.

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