Leaderboard at 1win India bookmaker

Leaderboard in 1win

Surely every better wants to bet on sports and also receive various bonuses from this. A popular betting company has come up with a promotion called Leaderboard at 1win. Those customers who register bets under special conditions automatically participate in this draw. Whoever scores the most points will receive cash prizes. Details in our article.

Leaderboard in 1win: rules

From the English translation, the word leaderboard means the board (table) of the leader. This is a special player rating table. Each active client of the popular office can take part in the Leaderboard promotion at 1win and get into this table. Let’s see how to do it.

The international bookmaker 1win has been a gambling site where customers have been betting since 2016. Not only are users offered high odds for sports betting, but players can also receive additional money for the same bets and outcomes. Note that not everyone has this privilege. To get it, you need to register on the site using our link https://1win-login-india.com/ 


Leaderboard in 1win is a special rating of the most risky players. By placing bets under special conditions, betters receive points. The more points a player has, the higher his place in the ranking.

There are several leaderboards in this promotion. They are divided into 2 tournaments:

  • Daily Tournament;
  • Weekly Tournament.

Needless to say, the 2 tournaments are connected to each other. The daily leaderboard includes all bets registered daily from 00:00 to 23:59 of the current day. And the weekly rating includes bets made from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59.

However, for the information of the players, not all predictions will be awarded points. There are some restrictions:

Firstly, in order to receive points, all outcomes of the players must have a coefficient of at least 1.6, but not more than 10;

Secondly, for bets that, although they will fall under the 1st paragraph, points are not awarded if they have the status of Return or Sold (Cash Out).


How are points calculated?

Everything is very simple here. When a client’s predictions meet 2 limits, points will be awarded according to a special formula:

  • Bet Amount * Bet Odds

To understand the essence of the formula, we give an example. The user chose a bet with a coefficient of 3.5 and put 5,000 RUB on the forecast. According to the formula, the client receives 17,500 points for his bet! And this happens even when the given outcome loses.

By the way, daily and weekly tournaments are also divided into three categories:

Bronze leaderboard (ruby). This includes those customers who have earned points from bets with an amount of less than 3,000 rupees;

Silver leaderboard (sapphire). The rating is made up of players who register their bets in the range from 3,000 to 10,000 rupees;

Gold leaderboard (diamond). This is a table for the most risky and influential users. Those bettors who can bet more than 10,000 rupees on the forecast fall into the Golden leaderboard.

Naturally, the cash prize will also depend on the level of the tables. In each of the leaderboards, 10 people will receive funds.