Latest Ethereum News Today and Updates for Investors

Recently we have seen that Ethereum has suffered from a price drop, making it below $3,100. Nowadays, we see ethereum hovering around the price of $3,200. 

Following the release of minutes from the Federal Reserve Board’s December meeting. Which indicated that the central bank would begin slowing down steps to prop up the economy as it continues to strengthen. Ethereum news today suggests that it has witnessed large declines this week.

What Should the Ethereum Investors Will Do?

Experts suggest ignoring the ups and downs with any long-term investment. The recent high price does not imply that MyEtherWallet volatility has subsided.

As suggested by Jeremy Schnieder, the financial specialist behind Personal Finance Club: 

The basic question that occurs in everyone’s mind is simple. Should the people who possess these coins continue to see compounds? This question seems like a genuine concern. However, the basic cryptocurrencies leads don’t suggest this. 

Because there is no certainty that the value of any cryptocurrency will rise, experts suggest never investing more than 5% of your portfolio in cryptocurrency. Never invest at the risk of failing to accomplish other financial objectives, such as paying off high-interest debt or saving for retirement.

The Fear of Investors in Ethereum:

There is a constant fear of the US interest rate facing a hike. Moreover, there is a great impact of the protests and political turmoil in Kazakhstan on the country’s significant mining operations. This appears to have a vital role in the price drop of Bitcoin as traditional and crypto markets continue to grapple with the impact of the coronavirus on global economic recovery.

Bitcoin’s price has now plummeted to levels last seen in late September, selling at around $43,000 after reaching a new record high of $69,000 on November 10.

According to Coinbase, the cryptocurrency market was down by 2.3 percent in the previous 24 hours. This took place as of 8.50 am UK time on Friday. Bitcoin goes down by 2%, and Ethereum and Solana down by 5% and 6%, respectively.

Why Did Bitcoin Become Down In December?

Bitcoin’s price rose to almost $70,000 in early November, as investors anticipated to see the cryptocurrency’s $1 trillion market cap hold solid ahead of a tumultuous trading season.

However, it fell below $50,000 in late 2021 as US and UK markets grappled with increased worries over Covid-19, the Omicron version, and excessive inflation.

The latest drop in Bitcoin price occurred as a result of a sharp sell-off on the Nasdaq index on January 5, with the US central bank poised to veer away from its coronavirus pandemic monetary policies with interest rate hikes and a potential reduction in securities to shrink its balance sheet.

Final Verdict:

Ethereum news today suggests that the country has been thrown into a political crisis following the Kazakh government’s decision to allow market rates to dictate gasoline pricing in the country, which caused the price of liquefied petroleum gas to quadruple, provoking widespread protests in recent days over the economy and human rights.

According to claims from internet disruption monitoring organization NetBlocks, an internet blackout occurred on Wednesday, with stopped crypto mining activities reflected in a drop in Bitcoin’s hash rate.

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