L Shaped Sofa: A Stylish Sofa For Modern Living

A sofa is an essential piece of furniture that is the anchor of every living space, irrespective of its size. So when you choose a sofa, it has to be mindful and based on the size of the living room, style, design, shape, and various other aesthetics. When you get all the details right, it makes for a harmonious and balanced living room. One of the best types of couches that offers all this and more is an L-shaped sofa. When you buy L-shape sofa online from retailers like Wakefit, it is cosy and functional. It also sets the perfect tone for the living room and acts as a statement piece of furniture. But what are the different designs available, and why should you choose them over other types? Read below to find out.

Why Choose an L-Shape Sofa Set for your Home?

If you need seating for your new home or because you want a change, either way, the best seating options are the functional L shape sofa. They are excellent as they are space efficient and can be used in many ways. It comes in many varieties, materials, and configurations and can be used in many ways to enhance the aesthetics of the living room. The other advantage of this couch is that it can be used in living rooms of all sizes. The sofas come with attachments like a bed and are detachable or modular. 

Another objective of using an L-shape couch is to divide an open living space to create a multi-living space in one space. If you are a family with varying age groups, you can divide the space using this couch. It is a multi-utility, value-for-money couch that takes care of styling as it can easily make a style statement. 

Different Types of L-Type Sofa Designs 

Leatherette L-shape Sofa Design 

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious living space, but not all can afford to spend tonnes of money to make the dream happen. But there are many ways you can still achieve your dream without having to invest in expensive leather furniture. A leatherette L sofa design is one such option. It is designed to have a glossy finish and a tufted back, which makes for not just great style but also comfort. Plus, a full-length L-shape sofa design is ideal for any living room theme, and its design can be customised in terms of materials, textures, and colours. 

Small Living Room L Shape Sofa Design

If you are under the impression that an L-shaped sofa cannot fit into a small living room, then you should spare a thought about it. The L-shape sofa comes in many sizes and is ideal for a small living space too. It provides ample seating when you have a large family or have people coming over often. Compared to a conventional sofa, this type of sofa can accommodate more people. So it gives you the luxury of more seating even when the space is tight. 

L Shape Sofa with Low Height

A low-height sofa is a good option for those who want a comfortable but minimalistic couch. Choose wide cushions to get a zen-like vibe in the living room. It is the right choice for those who want their living room to look classy but minimalist. The best part of this L type sofa set is that it can be personalised in terms of the patterns, colours, and texture as per your preferences and the interior style. 

Sectional L Shaped Sofa

The sectional sofa design comes with the option to have the armrest (you can choose one without an armrest) on the longer L side to make it ideal for lounging. The cushions can be removed when needed to add or remove the seating arrangement. When you choose an L shape wooden sofa, it has a traditional look. Add upholstered cushions, and it can magically turn into a contemporary design. 

How Do I use the L-Shaped Sofa?

At a corner: These sofas can easily be placed in a corner, which is one of the most popular places to accommodate this type of sofa at home. The best position, especially for a small living room, is to turn the sofa so that the arms are placed against the walls. Since you can use the unused corners effectively and use the dead space, it allows more space for a coffee table or an attractive rug. To add more style, you can have ottomans on the other side.

Push them Against the Wall

Another way to orient the sofa is by backing it against the wall. One arm can be against the corner, and the other arm of the sofa can be used as a divider. A sectional sofa is ideal for a small living space, which is ideal as lounge seating to unwind and relax. Since the sofa is always in one place, there may be space for accommodating more seating. 

Centre of the Living Space

If you have a big living room, then placing the sofa at the centre is a great choice, as you can get more out of the open space. It can act as a focal point and is also the ideal place from which to sit and watch TV. 

How Do You Elevate Your L-Shaped Sofa?

  • If you want your accessories to stand out, choose an L-shaped sofa design for the living room with neutral colours like white, beige, and grey. On the contrary, to make it the star of the living room, choose plush or bold fabrics. 
  • To enhance the look of your L-shaped sofa, add contrasting colours, throw pillows, stylish ottomans, or a plush blanket to complement it. It also adds personality to the space. 
  • L-shape sofas come with many extra features like storage spaces, pull-out beds, etc. If you have a small space, opt for these, as they are practical and stylish.
  • Pair your handsome sofa with a coffee table. Choose a style that syncs with the couch and does not overpower or underwhelm the sofa. Oval or round tables look good as they balance the angles of the sofa. Make sure that the coffee table does not clutter the living room and is accessible to all seats. 
  • Choose the right fabric, design, and colour for the L-shaped sofa so that it blends with the theme seamlessly. When it comes to designs, you can opt for a modern, minimalist, vintage, or eclectic vibe.  


L-shaped sofas are super comfortable and stylish and are a highly practical choice for families who like to entertain people. If you are shopping for a new sofa, buy an L shape sofa set online, as it is one of the most popular choices as it comes in many materials, configurations, and colours.