Know About the Indonesia Sports Betting Market

The beauty of Indonesia often leaves people in awe of its exquisite resorts, delectable cuisine, stunning beaches, and mind-blowing nightlife. You’d get forgiven for assuming that with all of these beautiful and abundant amenities, Indonesian casinos would be everyone’s cup of tea in a country with such an alluring nightlife. That is not the case with Indonesia. Even though gambling and wagering get strictly prohibited in Indonesia, there are ways for non-Muslims to do so online without running the risk of getting in trouble. Gamble on your favorite sports on sbobet88.

Is Indonesia a legal gambling market?

Although Indonesia maintains a strict ban on online gambling, there are still a lot of gaps and loopholes due to the government’s too-permissive policy. Even with the government’s threats, there is nothing to stop Indonesian citizens from visiting websites such as sbobet88 hosted abroad.

Indonesia’s history of sports betting.

Coin and card games with betting elements get first introduced to Indonesians about 700 years ago. It occurred when the Chinese ruled the area at the time. It was straightforward for gambling to spread to Indonesia because it was already widely accepted in China. Around the fourteenth century, as the religion spread throughout the region – things started to change.

How are Indonesian betting odds calculated?

Indonesian odds get not just found in Asia, despite their name. As one of the most widely used varieties of betting odds worldwide, along with Malay odds, it is imperative to learn how to use Indonesian betting odds.

It’s a great place to start if you’re already familiar with American odds because they have many in common. You won’t need to worry if you aren’t because our expert lesson will show you everything you need to know about using indo betting odds.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to use Indonesian betting odds and provide examples to clarify them for you:


Bets with greater odds of winning are said to have Positive indo odds. The odds are in favor if either a “+” symbol or no symbol is present before the number.


Negative Indonesian wagers are the opposite of positive Indonesian wagers. The digits get preceded by a “-” sign to denote a negative indo betting possibility.

Foreign odds

Fractional (British) odds

Fractional odds also go by the name of traditional odds. They are frequently used in sports betting websites in the United Kingdom. In contrast to American odds, the fractional format gets frequently used at American racetracks. It’s helpful to know how to convert fractional odds to American odds if you prefer to use American odds.

Decimal (European) odds

Decimal odds get frequently used in countries other than the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Based on the amount you bet, they tell you how much cash you’ll receive as a payout if your wager wins. Your profit and the return on your investment get included in the total.

American (Moneyline) odds

In the US, a plus or minus symbol comes before the odds. The amount of profit you would get from a $100 investment if your wager is successful gets shown if the line starts with a plus sign (+).

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