Keep losing online poker tournaments? Try these tips.

Online poker has become popular as it is flexible and accessible and exposes you to players worldwide and of different skill levels. In an online tournament, the goal is to win. A player analyses the table and uses the best tips against their opponents.

In online poker, bet sizes are bigger; you cannot see the other players, and calling or folding happens.

To improve your chances of winning in online tournaments like the WPT Tournament, here are several tips that you can use.

     1. Begin With Low Stakes

If you are new to online poker, you should start with low stakes. Doing this will help you understand how to play, win, and outsmart the other players in online tournaments such as WPT Tournament. A low stake game has minimal mistakes and slim chances of encountering more experienced and skilled players than you.

Adjusting to the pace of online poker may also take time, and lower stakes allow you to experiment and explore the software without too much risk. You will also be able to concentrate on playing without worrying and stressing about losses.

      2. Prepare for a Long Session

Big tournaments like WPT Tournament take long hours to complete, and you need to prepare to be occupied mentally for several hours. When registering for these tournaments, best be aware of the many hours you will be putting in. Patience is critical, and long hours can wear you out.

In most online poker tournaments, there is usually a 5-minute break every hour. Use this break to get some fresh air, stretch, refill your water bottle or go to the bathroom. Your mind will relax and be ready for the next session as your mind will work better after the short break.

3. Learn How to Bluff

Bluffing plays a vital role in winning. As it happens, sometimes you will not be dealt with the best cards, and when situations demand bluffing, be bold and do so. It would be best if you were careful to do this skill sparingly because your opponent will catch on.

The size of your stack, your position, the betting history of a hand, and the table image are some things you should consider before deciding to bluff. When you bluff correctly, your opponent with better cards always lays them down.  Convincing your opponent that you have different cards than you do is the sole purpose of bluffing.

4. Avoid Distractions

Instead of heading to a casino, most online poker players for WPT Tournament play from home. With their laptops and sofas, they get started. The downside of playing from home is numerous distractions like television, radio, phones, and opening multiple browsers on the web. These make a player miss out on information and opportunities.

Distractions can also lead to players making avoidable mistakes if they are in a conducive environment. The distractions can be subtle but significantly impact the player’s game. A distraction-free environment helps players have a professional attitude and notice their opponent’s finer details, increasing their winning chances.

5. Be Ready to Fold

In online poker, you can deal with several hands, and the action is fast. Folding should be done when you are unsure of your next play, and refrain from attempting to play poor hands out of boredom and the desire to make a play. When faced with a raise and unsure of your next play, this is the best time to fold.


As an experienced or beginner player in online poker, there are many tips that you can use to make your online experience profitable and exciting. Playing online poker with the above tips increases your odds of winning a tournament.