Jobs in Jeddah

The modern world is developing in the same way as modern professions. Humanity keeps pace with development, we are looking for the best jobs and payment, and one of the best places to fulfill your dreams is Saudi Arabia.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has taken a leading position in the world market in the field of economics and in the field of social security. The best thing is to look for work in places like Riyadh, Yanbu and Jeddah.

Find jobs in Jeddah can not only native people and citizens, but also foreign residents. Highly qualified specialists are welcomed, of course, but despite this, ordinary people can also be crowned with success in their search for high-paying jobs. If you have a university degree and experience working in large companies, Jeddah would be happy to welcome you! But do not despair if there is none. People like welders, labors, drivers, warehouse men and welding technicians enjoy great results in getting their jobs, and living their best lives in Jeddah, using their wages.

To find a job in Jeddah, the best source currently used by almost every job seeker is the online job portal. There you can easily find information about all those vacancies that are now available in different companies, or the earnings offered by employers, which everyone can get, regardless of their position and opportunities! Besides, you can also apply for these jobs directly from the job portal. They have integrated an application form where you can fill in your details and upload your resume. And if you are pre-selected, then an interview will be arranged for you and you will be notified by email.

If you cannot find a job vacancy on your own, then you should contact a specialized recruiting agency. This organization is engaged in the selection of personnel, the organization of interviews with a potential employer.

Let’s look at an example of a company that offers vacancies.

Total Oil and Gas Company the list of post required in our company and they are:

  1. Service Manager
  2. Marketing Professional
  3. Service in-house instructor
  4. Body & Paint Foreman
  5. General Job Technician
  6. Job Controller
  7. Maintenance Reminder Staff
  8. Accounting Staff
  9. Credit Card collection Staff
  10. Accounting Supervisor
  11. Auto Finance Staff
  12. Cashier
  13. Customers relations Staff
  14. Executive Secretary
  15. Kerosene/ Organizational Development Staff
  16. Programmer
  17. Training Officer
  18. Cleaner
  19. Office Assistant
  20. HR. Officer
  21. Supervisor
  22. Electrician
  23. Driver
  24. Carpenter
  25. Forman
  26. Safety Officer
  27. Crane Operator
  28. Forklifter
  29. Pipe Fitter
  30. Welder
  31. Plumber
  32. Time Keeper
  33. Store Keeper
  34. Mason
  35. JCB Operator
  36. AUTO CAD Operator
  37. RCC
  38. Wall Painter
  39. Gardener
  40. Office Boy /Girl
  41. Rigger
  42. Electricians
  43. Grass Cutter
  44. Grinder
  45. Civil Engineer
  46. Cook
  47. Ac Technician
  48. Data Entry
  49. Security
  50. Truck Drivers
  51. Pop Workers
  52. Excavator operator
  53. Mechanical Engineer
  54. Automobiles Engineer
  55. Power plant engineer
  56. Boiler operator
  57. Petroleum engineer      

As you see, there are a lot of facilities in getting well-paid ob of your dream in great city – Jeddah! Almost every of you can make the first step in getting the dream life! Don`t waste your time, use these unlimited possibilities!

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