Is there a legit way showing whether a slot machine will pay?

One of the most commonly asked questions about slot machines like White Wizard has to be around whether you can tell if one is about to payout, or if there are any legit ways of showing that they are.

It might not seem like a surprise that so many players want to find out about the legit ways you can tell if a slot machine is going to pay because knowing the secret could lead any aspiring slot gamer to the jackpot! Imagine that you know the ways in which you can tell that a machine is about to pay, you could bet only on the times in which you know that your returns will be massive!

But can it be done? Are there any legit ways of showing whether a slot machine will pay? If you want to make money the easy way and learn the tricks of the slot machines, then read on.

Why might players want to find out the legit ways of seeing if a slot machine will payout?

For some gamers, challenging the slot machines is only about playing good quality games and getting to experience wacky adventures. For other gamers, tackling the machines is all about winning that sweet jackpot at the end of it, so here is why they might want to know the legit ways of showing when that might happen!

  • If a gamer can predict when a slot machine is going to pay out then they could, in theory, bet on the spins that are going to reward them the most handsomely.
  • You might be thinking that even if you could show when a slot machine is going to pay out, you have to play the reels that do not pay out anyway. While you would be correct, some slot games have low wagers as low as a few pence so that you can up the bet when you think it is going to hit.
  • Can it actually be done? We are sorry to disappoint our lovely audience, however, slot machine creators are determined to make the games as random as possible and so eliminate all ways in which you can show that they are about to pay. If they revealed that there were legit ways to tell, then they would lose all their money!

Since there are not any legit ways to show if a slot machine is about to pay, how can you increase your chances?

We are sorry to let you down but, unfortunately, slot game creators really do not want you to get their cash! So, since there tend not to be legit ways of showing is a slot machine is about to pay, here are a few secret tips that you can employ to make your chances a little better:

  1.     Go for the slot games that have a low house edge and a high RTP
  2.     Make sure you snag those cheeky sign-up offers for free spins
  3.     Find that slot machine games that have the best odds for you

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