In terms of happiness, Instagram made the participants feel the worst. Sleep quality, bullying, body image, and FOMO (fear of missing out) are linked to sadness and anxiety when people use Instagram more. Young people are more likely to experience psychological distress. Seeing pals on vacation or having fun in the evenings might make young people feel they are missing out on life while others are having fun. These emotions can lead to a “compare and despair” mindset.

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We dedicate a considerable amount of time and attention to Instagram. Sometimes it takes a whole day to come up with the ideal caption for my next article. Or he’d snap thirteen photographs of the same subject from slightly different angles, then use Photoshop or filters to make the “ideal shot.” Furthermore, Instagram is created to keep you hooked. The owner’s (Facebook) goal is for the user (you) to spend as much time as possible on the app.


When you’re more focused on obtaining that perfect image for your next upload than on your actual surroundings, you’re doing Insta-Fomo. While traveling and on any trip, everyone is more concerned with capturing a good image for Instagram than enjoying their stay at that location. Rather than appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, we ponder if it is worthy of being uploaded. We wanted to record everything humorous we saw so we could share it on social media right away. We can’t believe how our Instagram obsession has tainted our thinking and taken over my life.


We sometimes look at the profiles of random people and compare our life to theirs. Knowing this will make us feel horrible, but we keep running into the open knife. It may subconsciously lead you to believe that everyone else has a stable existence except you. The only way to stop this self-destructive behavior was to stop using Instagram.


The constant compulsion surrounding Instagram, along with the need for external validation to feel complete, was detrimental to one’s mental health.

It’s an emotional addiction that serves as a diversion from what’s going on within. It’s just another technique to seek fake acceptance from those around you, somehow.

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  • You have a strong desire to take “scrolling breaks.”
  • You make purchases to satisfy your need to write the perfect post.
  • You feel compelled to share everything.
  • You’ve paid for apps that can boost the popularity of your account.
  • When you don’t get the reactions you want on Instagram, you feel attacked.


According to the experts, social media companies should also alert users when to log off. According to the study’s authors, one option is for app makers to analyze how much time users spend on social media and display a pop-up when approaching “high usage.” You have the option to turn off Instagram alerts. In addition, you should pursue a pastime in the actual world. Stop looking at the profiles of the people you despise. You may take a break from the toxicity of Instagram this way.

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