Is Binomo Safe? Brief Introduction about Binomo

Binomo is a fully licensed and regulated broker, but as with any other broker, there are always bad apples. You will find that most customers who have been scammed by Binomo have never even used the platform. Is Binomo Safe? Are Binomo legit? These are just some of the questions that surround this trading platform.

Yes, Binomo is 100% safe for trading cryptocurrencies. All transactions are encrypted and handled via a secure server so your personal details are never compromised. The platform itself also undergoes regular security audits to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in its infrastructure that could be exploited by hackers or fraudsters.

In addition, the company has its own internal compliance department which monitors all activity on the platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that all traders are acting in accordance with their terms of service and license agreement. Any trader found breaching these terms will be immediately removed from the system and banned from trading on the platform again in future

What makes Binomo so safe?

It’s important to remember that no matter how safe an online broker claims to be, there are always risks involved in trading binary options – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! But with Binomo, there are several key factors which mean you will feel much more comfortable about trading here:

The website uses top-notch encryption software to protect your personal details from hackers;

The regulatory body behind Binomo is CySEC

Binomo Trading Platforms

Binomo offers two different platforms for traders who want to trade manually or automatically: Web Trader and Mobile Trader. Both platforms offer a simple interface that’s easy to navigate even for beginners. The Mobile Trader version includes all of the same features as Web Trader does but also includes some additional tools such as charting capabilities and news feeds for up-to-date information about the markets you’re trading on. You can see reviews on

How to register Binomo account?

Registering an account at Binomo is quite simple: all you need is a valid email address and a password that must contain at least 8 characters (letters or symbols). After registering your account you will be asked to verify your identity by providing some personal information such as name and date of birth etc. This can be done using an official document such as passport or driving license etc. Once you have successfully verified your identity, you will receive an email notification containing a link that will lead you to activate your account.


It provides all types of trade services, but the most popular are currency and commodities.

Binomo offers its clients a fair, transparent and lucrative platform for trading binary options online. The company is registered in Cyprus, which means that it complies with all regulatory requirements and has been approved by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission).

Binomo offers high payouts and bonuses, as well as low minimum deposits, which makes it an ideal platform for both beginners and experienced traders. The minimum deposit required is $300, but there are no maximums for deposits or withdrawals.

The website includes several features that make it easy to navigate:

– Live Chat Support: You can connect with a representative directly via live chat

– 24/7 Customer Support: You can contact customer support at any time during the day or night through email or phone calls

– Demo Account: You can practice trading without risking real money with demo account


Binomo offers an impressive range of features that make it easy for traders to make money with binary options trades. These include:

Highly competitive payouts – Binomo offers some of the highest payouts in the industry, which means that traders can earn more money with each trade they place on their account with this platform.

Easy-to-use interface – The user interface at Binomo is very easy to navigate through and understand so that even beginners can find their way around quickly without having to spend too much time on learning how everything works before they can start making successful trades on their own account with this trading platform.


All the strategies Binomo offers are completely legal and comply with all global financial regulations. The company has been operating in the market since 2013 and already managed to gain a considerable client base. Over 60 thousand active traders from over 145 countries carry out their transactions with Binomo every day. This fact alone testifies to the trustworthiness of the platform and its reliability. In conclusion, Binomo is definitely a safe operation and you can easily start trading on it right now!

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