Introducing The Madden NFL 23 Rookie Premiere Player Items

Danny Gray, Kyler Gordon, Daxton Hill, and Kaiir Elam are some of the Rookie Premiere player items that are available through the Rookie Premiere campaign.

Check out the Madden 23 coins price on MUTeamGo and place an order now! The Rookie Premiere program allows us to earn Madden NFL 23 items. We start by completing MUT 22 Rookie Premiere activities for tokens and then use the tokens for the sets that reward RP player items. The Rookie Premiere card collection numbers 32 items. We have one player representing each team in the NFL. These items have 86 OVR. If you ever need cheap MUT 23 coins, MUTeamGo is here to help!

Madden NFL 23 Rookie Premiere Player Items

Danny Gray

Position: Wide Receiver.

Stats: 85 speed, 79 jumping, 84 catching, 86 catch in traffic, 88 spectacular catch, 85 short route running, 83 medium route running, 86 deep route running.

Plays For: San Francisco 49ers.

Kyler Gordon

Position: Cornerback.

Stats: 85 speed, 87 acceleration, 88 agility, 89 jumping, 81 play recognition, 85 man coverage, 81 zone coverage, 75 press.

Plays For: Chicago Bears.

Daxton Hill

Position: Free Safety.

Stats: 86 speed, 87 acceleration, 77 tackle, 81 play recognition, 86 pursuit, 85 man coverage, 79 zone coverage, 84 power.

Plays For: Cincinnati Bengals.

Kaiir Elam

Position: Cornerback.

Stats: 86 speed, 84 acceleration, 83 agility, 85 jumping, 83 play recognition, 81 man coverage, 86 zone coverage, 86 press.

Plays For: Buffalo Bills.

Damarri Mathis

Position: Cornerback.

Stats: 86 speed, 86 acceleration, 81 agility, 87 jumping, 81 play recognition, 75 man coverage, 87 zone coverage, 85 press.

Plays For: Denver Broncos.

Perrion Winfrey

Position: Defensive Tackle.

Stats: 74 speed, 80 acceleration, 84 strength, 86 tackle, 81 play recognition, 84 block shedding, 75 power moves, 59 finesse moves.

Plays For: Cleveland Browns.

Luke Goedeke

Position: Left Guard.

Stats: 85 strength, 80 awareness, 82 pass block, 84 pass block power, 83 pass block finesse, 83 run block finesse.

Plays For: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Trey McBride

Position: Tight End.

Stats: 83 speed, 73 strength, 87 catching, 86 catch in traffic, 85 spectacular moves, 80 short route running, 78 medium route running, 67 run block finesse.

Plays For: Arizona Cardinals.

Zion Johnson

Position: Right Guard.

Stats: 84 strength, 84 awareness, 84 pass block, 82 pass block power, 85 pass block finesse, 82 run block, 81 pass block power, 83 run block finesse.

Plays For: Los Angeles Chargers.

George Karlaftis

Position: Left End.

Stats: 77 speed, 81 acceleration, 83 strength, 85 tackle, 80 play recognition, 84 block shedding, 86 power moves, 78 finesse moves.

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