Introducing New8869 – A summary of great offers and promotions with no-cost incentives.

Those who are passionate about online betting will certainly not be able to ignore New8869 with a variety of interesting and diverse games. The highlight when introducing New8869 is a series of great offers, helping you fully enjoy the betting experience and increase your chances of winning. Come to the Trang chủ New88 now to discover and experience these great deals!

1.Rookies receive unlimited offers at the bookie New8869

Rookie promotion is an indispensable component to attract new players of the house. When introducing New8869, we cannot ignore great deals for newbies such as promotion codes for first top-up, second-loading,…

Welcome rookies with code 58k when successfully registering a new gaming account. And for games like Exploding Hat, Shooting Fish, and Card Game 3D, you’ll enjoy a special first deposit bonus. With deposit levels ranging from 38,000 VND to 28,888,000 VND, you have a chance to get the corresponding bonus. From 58,000 VND to a maximum of 1,800,000,000 VND.

To withdraw this bonus, you need to complete 3 rounds of betting successfully. Unlimited bet value so you can turn your bonus into capital to make exciting wins.

2.Introduce New8869 special promotions at betting floors

As for believers who have an endless passion for Sports, Casino, New88 Cockfighting or E-sport, New88 offers a deposit bonus of VND 8,888,000. With the way and process to participate in this promotion program is quite simple. After you successfully top up your account, provide your banking information and register in the respective program. The highlight when introducing New8869 is the hard-working staff who quickly handle the fastest bonus check and update process.

However, when receiving promotions, keep the following in mind:

The program is only applicable within 24 hours from the first deposit.

Only for members who make their first deposit and play on the above betting platforms.

This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions at the same time.

These great opportunities help you discover exciting games. Hurry up to join and experience the top bets with New88!

2.1 Receive a huge 1.5% cashback every day from the house

All members who participate in betting at the arenas will be on the list to be refunded 1.5% bet at the end of the day. Whether the bet wins or loses, you will still receive the bonus. For example, if you have bet a total value of 1,000,000 VND during the day you will receive 1.5% of this amount. That means 15,000 VND will be refunded directly to your account.

You can use this refund to continue playing or withdraw to your bank account. However, the bonus must be paid through 3-5 rounds of valid betting and players must understand the mandatory rules to facilitate withdrawal.

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2.2 Other attractive leaf deals

At the New88 introduction page, they are committed to always satisfying players with special promotions with many attractive offers such as:

2.3 Great gifts, weekly blessings

When your birthday month arrives, you can sign up for a special birthday gift. The reward value can be up to 28,888 points, equivalent to 28,888,000 VND. We will rely on your deposit history to determine the appropriate bonus amount. The withdrawal request requires only 1 betting round and the minimum total deposit is 2,000 points or more.

When you complete a certain task, New88 will give you bonus points. You can then use these bonus points to participate in the Wheel of Fortune, for a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Especially when you have accumulated enough 500 points, you will have the opportunity to open a gift box with prizes containing huge points. Every day, you will have 3 chances to open your gift box.

3.Introduce New8869 to receive a surprisingly high commission

To join the New8869 referral program, you first need to have an official gaming account here. After logging in to your game account, you just need to go to the “Marketing management” section and select “Links”. You will be created to receive a special link to refer others. When the friend you refer uses this link to create a new account and become a rookie of New8869. The house will reward a worthy commission for your account.

With this referral commission program, New8869 hopes to build a strong community of players in the market. Use the referral link and get rewarded today!

In short, the exclusive promotions when introducing New8869 have been shared by us above. The time of the programs is limited, but the bonuses are not limited, so bettors quickly join to hunt for rewards right away!

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