Intriguing Reasons to Add Hoop Earrings to Your Collection in 2022

The trendiness and style quotient of hoops has captivated the market for years, and one can notice the same trend even today. Hoops are among the fewest earrings that possess a simple yet elegant and sophisticated look, making the wearer stand out. They even look different on women having different facial features. A quick look at some celebrity handles can also show how popular hoops are and why you cannot continue your style game without having them in your jewellery kit.

Believe it or not, but you can ace the style game by wearing diamond hoop earrings as a standalone accessory item. If you’re still not convinced about owning one in your collection, we’ve got something for you. After talking to various seasoned fashion experts, we’ve curated a list of top reasons that make hoops a “must-have” item in your accessory kit. So let’s check out the reasons shared below.

1. Hoops Draw Attention to Your Face

Hoops are rare gems that possess an uncanny ability to draw eyes to your face. What makes them unique is their shape. Unlike chandeliers or studs, hoops are circular. And circular shapes do an excellent job at complimenting your jawline and cheekbones, thereby defining your facial features like no other. So if you’re someone who often uses contouring powder for the much-needed face definition, hoops can easily do the job. If you don’t have any hoops in your accessory kit, get one of the smaller size and one of the slightly bigger sizes to keep adding variations to your look.

2. Fashionistas Love Hoops

If you think you’re the only one drawn to hoops, you’re in for a surprise. The simple yet enticing earrings have been wowing people for ages, and the same pattern can be noticed even today. A quick look at some social media handles of your favorite style icons will show you enough pictures of them wearing hoops on different occasions. You can even spot them at big events, as many Hollywood actresses have long relied on hoops to draw attention to their faces. When fashion bloggers, actresses, and other popular personalities love hoops so much, you know you cannot go wrong with them.

3. Hoops are Available in Various Designs

A misconception some people have about hoops is they’re available in a single design. In reality, you can get enough options to wear on different occasions. You can either wear the plain yet gorgeous hoops or opt for hoops with dangling gemstones or motifs from the center. For a distinct look, look for hoops with a pearl dangling for a shiny look. You can also look for hoops made of varying metals for more variations. Yellow gold is a common metal, so you can opt for hoops made of silver or other metals for a different look.

4. Hoops are Super Versatile

Whether you love wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans or fancy outfits, hoops can go with everything. It is a prime reason why hoops were a hit back in the 90’s, and they’re a hit even today. Hoops are also available in various sizes, making it ideal for people with different face shapes. If you have a long face, big size hoops will look stunning on you. On the other hand, people with a round face shape should stick to small size hoops. If you know how to pair hoops with your outfits, you won’t need any other accessories to up your style game.

It is relatively difficult to stay relevant in the ever-changing fashion world, but hoops make it fairly easy. They are stylish, affordable, versatile, and stunningly beautiful. When so much is packed in one accessory, why miss it? If you were on the fences regarding your hoop purchases, the reasons shared above would certainly help you make an informed decision. If you want to make your unique style statement and presence felt, get yourself a pair of stylish hoops today. It will be one investment you won’t regret making in 2022.

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