Improve Your Business With On Site SEO Services

How are your search engine rankings for your business? Does your website rank within the top eight on an SERP?

If you are not happy with the answer, you might want to consider on site SEO services. With page SEO services, SEM can be improved, both through SEO and PPC. Furthermore, page optimization can be achieved through keyword research, web page user experience, link building, and engine optimization.

Keyword Research: Relevant Keywords and Target Keywords

The very first step in partnering with an SEO company is to identify which keywords you are looking to target. According to one leading Melbourne SEO firm, keyword selection can be make or break when it comes to the success of your SEO campaign. Most copywriters would agree that it is easier to write ad copy and web content if you already have the right keywords in mind from the beginning, rather than to rewrite that copy and content later with new keywords in mind.

Ten years ago, sprinkling landing pages with target keywords was quite normal. Relevant keywords and relevant content were not ranking factors back then; rather, it was about keeping primitive algorithms happy. The same was true for title tags, meta tags, and even URLs.

Eventually, however, Google began to lose credibility regarding its search results due to this target keyword sprinkling, so it decided on a major algorithm change. Google, Bing, and other major search engines expect and even demand high-quality content. High-quality content means relevant content containing relevant keywords.

Sprinklers have been warned, and they will be punished! SEO justice administered by algorithms means lowering your site’s search rank, depriving your web page of valuable organic search traffic and even visibility to your target audience.

User Experience

User experience is probably one of the most obvious aspects of on site SEO. Having a visually attractive web page with great content and fast page speed is a basic best practice of SEO. If you hire on page SEO services, an SEO team should meet with your webmaster and go down a page SEO checklist for every aspect of your website: web design, web content, backlinks, page speed, etc.

To generate qualified traffic, even great content needs to be updated. That is because organic traffic is usually generated only by a constant stream of new content.

Link Building

Even though search engine optimization can be very competitive, there is some room for synergy. Your page rank can be greatly improved, and you can even carve out a niche for yourself through proper link building: backlinks, internal links, and external links. In fact, the use of external links is considered a best practice for getting high search rankings by Moz DA and should be considered a basic component of any SEO plan.

Engine Optimization, Technical SEO, and Creepy, Crawly Spiders

One could argue that technical SEO is not really on site SEO because it does not deal directly with the web page. Rather, technical SEO deals with the search engine algorithms that crawl through the world wide web. Like Google Caffeine, search engine spiders, and other crawlers, some extraordinary robots can make a big difference in your site rank. Regardless of whether these robots appear on page or on site, an SEO team needs to factor in their existence when they do site audits and develop an effective SEO plan.

Search engine algorithms interact with every aspect of a web page: web design, site content, link building, etc., so a good strategist must at least know the basics when it comes to Google Caffeine, search engine spiders, and whatever robots are being used by a dominant search engine like Google. A good strategist should also know about less dominant search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

Doing a site audit for your own website can be very time-consuming. Hiring the right on page SEO services can save a lot of time.

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