Finally, after many years of dedication and patience, you have decided to move to your dream country now. Moving to another country is itself an adventurous process. During the whole journey, you will be exposed to new experiences, leave your comfort zone and explore something new and different. So, be ready and pack your suitcases with all your essentials. You must be curious and excited about that but remember, it is not as easy and glamorous as it seems to be. Because without proper planning it wouldn’t be fruitful. There are some important things to consider before stepping into a new country to wash away all the doubts and possible difficulties.

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1) You should have a valid passport

If you are thinking to move abroad then it must be the first thing to consider before applying for a visa. The passport validation must be at least six months beyond your date of travelling so that there will be no hindrance during the starting period of your stay in a new country. Applying for a visa is not a hard nut to crack. You just need to check the government website of your new country to make sure that which important documents are required along with the application.

2) Find job opportunities

Select that country where the job opportunities are in bulk, related to your work field. You would be fortunate enough if you already have an offer letter in your hand. There is an immense demand for information technology, programming, marketing, designing, photography, language translational, and freelancing skills, abroad. Before moving to a country, if you don’t have a job in your desired country then you must search for a job on the internet and fill out the applications regarding internships or open work opportunities available there.

3) Important documents

Another important thing to keep an eye on while moving country is to get ready your original documents along with their electronic copies because your identification is confirmed by your original documents. Whenever you are travelling either within your home country or another foreign country then you must have copies of your important documents like birth certificate, insurance information, travel records, passport, license of driving, and medical immunization certificates. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a negative COVID-19 test report along with a vaccination card is necessarily required to step into a new country or new destination.

4) Have some savings

Try to save money as much as you can and set a budget. The reason behind this is that sometimes you have to show your savings as proof along with the visa application. After moving to a new country, you will have to pay two types of costs (anticipated cost and unanticipated cost).  The anticipated cost will consist of the housing arrangement process, issuance of plane tickets, the process of applying visa or passport renewal cost, international shipment, shopping of essential things, and food cost. Other costs come in the category of unanticipated costs. So, be prepared for them too.

5) Choose your dream destination  

Before leaving your home country, do some research on your dream destination, where you wish to go for a prosperous future life. You should set an ideal budget and then start doing your research. Take into consideration the environment you’re looking for and the type of place you’d be comfortable in. New experiences await you, simply select your preferred destination. So, make your decisions wisely.

6) Language Barrier

Every country has its linguistic features. English is an international language. It is spoken in many countries but some countries have their unique languages like Germany, Turkey, etc. In this way, language creates a hurdle for the non-natives. To avoid inconvenience in a new country, learn some basic lines in their language for example greeting words, how to ask for directions, good marts, hotels, restaurants, and banks. Install highly rated language apps and say goodbye to every linguistic hurdle.

7) Open a bank account

To open a bank account in a foreign country seems an easy task but sometimes it happens that many banks do not open accounts for foreigners. Switzerland has some banking restrictions along with two other countries like U.K and France but no worries this problem can be resolved by Digital Banking.

8) Remember the little things

  • Don’t forget to close your utility accounts.
  • Must update your legal and crucial documents.
  • Must share your new address and important information with someone.

Focusing on all the above-mentioned points will make your whole journey convenient.

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