Importance of Leadership in Football Game


Now let us turn to leadership. As the coach, you are responsible for the success or failure of your team. You must use your power so players will respect you as their leader. Players must perceive that you have empathy for them. Leadership is the ability to make decisions and make them sooner rather than later. Leadership is the ability to create and change for the better.

Share your philosophy with your team. Repeat your key beliefs and key goals for the season. Once you decide what key points to emphasize, present them repeatedly to your team, using different ways to get your point across. You will know you have been successful when your players start expressing your thoughts to the press and thinking that they are their own.

Importance of Leadership

A coach can make some crucial mistakes in the realm of leadership. If you want to be a head coach, you must grow and prepare for that leadership position. For example, do not study just one side of the ball. If you must stay on one side of the ball for a time, you can still make the effort to study the other side. You must expand your knowledge. Set personal goals and visualize where you want to go.

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Once you are a head coach, focus not on your team weaknesses but on your team strengths. At West Point, we felt that focusing on our strengths was a key to success. We had great mental ability in our football team. Our players were smart overachievers who would never quit. They were mentally tough and had great discipline. The wishbone offense fit perfectly with the mental strength of our team. To get more information about insurance you can visit this site zurich pension center ehr.

In Conclusion

We did not use the physical excuse that our players were not as big or as fast as our opponents were. We did not ignore the physical aspects, of course, and we tried to improve that element in every way possible. But our focus was on our mental strengths, not our physical weaknesses.

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