Hurricane Games: Unleashing a Whirlwind of Exciting Gaming Experiences

Introduction to Hurricane Games

Hurricane Games is a slot game provider that was founded in a small studio in Serbia in 2019. Today, they operate out of Nottingham, UK. They aim to break boundaries, develop innovative and imaginative ideas, and build kick-ass games.

Partnership with Stakelogic

In 2020, Hurricane Games joined the well-known online bizzo gambling company Stakelogic’s Greenlogic Partner Program. The partnership gave Hurricane Games access to more than 500 operators and the knowledge and experience Stakelogic has.

Advantages of the Partnership

The iGaming industry can be overwhelming for a new company, so to have backing from an established company is a huge advantage. Essentially, it let Hurricane Games focus solely on bizzo slot game concepts and gameplay, while Stakelogic handled things like game logic, certification, and distribution.

Branding and Distribution

The deal also resulted in Hurricane Games slot games being branded as Stakelogic games when released. That might sound like a drawback for Hurricane, but it had its advantages. As Stakelogic became the publisher of the slots, they also became responsible for the distribution and, most importantly, the legal aspect and the licenses.

Acquisition by Stakelogic

In 2021, Stakelogic announced the complete acquisition of Hurricane Games. The latter still has creative and technical freedom but can now work even closer with Stakelogic and use its resources. Since the acquisition, Stakelogic has commemorated Hurricane Games and said that they are a vital part of the company’s success.

Popular Games by Hurricane Games

Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways, Hero Clash, and Lost Riches of El Dorado are some of Hurricane Games most popular slot games. In the next section, we will take a look at what makes their games special.

Who Is Hurricane Games?

The core mission of Hurricane Games is to push the boundaries of creativity, ingenuity, and fun. Their 2019 launch from a tiny studio in Belgrade, Serbia, was our way of entering a market dominated by giant corporations – making sure they always provide entertaining games that rival those of industry giants. This studio is committed to creating excellent titles that will blow the minds of gamers.

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