Huawei Speakers Sound Joy- Redefine Your Music Space

Huawei has always been known for its great smartphones, but now they are also offering some pretty good audio devices. What makes them stand out from the crowd?

Huawei was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company designs and manufactures telecommunications equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, routers, and other networking devices.

Huawei Speakers Sound Joy 

Huawei Speakers Sound Joy started producing their own speaker series called HiFi Speaker Joy. These speakers offer high quality sound at a reasonable price point. They are designed to provide rich bass and clear highs.

Huawei Speakers Models

The first model of this series is the HBS-S1 which comes with a set of 3D printed cups that can be placed on top of any regular cup or mug. This allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages without having to worry about spilling it all over yourself. It’s available for $19.99 USD.

Another model in the series is the HBS2 which adds Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect up to 2 devices using this model. It’s priced at $29.99 USD. 

The third model in the series is called the HBS3 and it offers both wired and wireless connectivity. It’s also a portable device so you can take it anywhere. It’s not just another speaker though, there’s an integrated microphone built into the design. This means you can use it hands free when making calls. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. It’s currently priced at $49.99 USD.

These products look like they would make for nice gifts for anyone who loves music. But if you’re looking for something more durable, then check out our list of the best Bluetooth speakers here! 

I have had my Huawei P30 Pro since September 2018. If you’re thinking about buying one too, you’ll need to decide whether you want a 64GB or 128GB storage option. There’s no SD card slot, so you’ll either need to choose between expandable memory (which isn’t cheap) or get used to only being able to save photos/videos directly to the internal storage.

I’ve found that the battery life falls short of what I’m used to getting from Samsung Galaxy models – around 5 hours per charge. That said, I’ve never experienced any issues charging the phone while listening to music. 

The screen size might seem small compared to many other smartphones, but the display itself is excellent. Colors are vibrant and contrast is strong. Viewing angles are wide enough to avoid squinting and text is easy to read even under direct sunlight. 

The camera app is simple to navigate and features a clean interface. Photos come out sharp and detailed, with accurate white balance and exposure settings. Video recording is decent, although low light performance could be better.

Final Words

Overall, the Huawei P30 Pro is a solid smartphone that delivers a lot of value for money. It doesn’t quite match the cameras of the iPhone XR or Google Pixel 4 XL, but it does give you a great experience overall.

If you’ve been following along with our Best Smartphones Of 2019 series, you know we’re big fans of the OnePlus 6T. We love its sleek design, stellar build quality, and impressive specs. And now, thanks to a recent software update, the OnePlus 6T has become even better. 

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