How to watch free movies on Smart TV

Your new Smart TV is finally in the living room, ready for you to view the best films broadcast in recent years, at the highest quality. Enthusiastic about the new TV, you immediately put yourself in front of the screen to do all the necessary tests, perhaps playing a good action or adventure movie. Unfortunately, however, you have not been able to find any channels that show interesting films and, moreover, you are not planning to shell out money to subscribe to a dedicated streaming service. In other words, what you would need is a method to watch free movies on Smart TV .

How do you say? Have I absolutely hit the spot? Then let me tell you right away that you are in the right guide: below, in fact, I intend to show you some apps and websites that transmit content that can be used for free and in a totally legal way.

You can visit or to watch free movies online.

The solutions that I intend to recommend are accessible in two different ways: using the dedicated apps (present on the TV store) or via a Web browser , a component present on most of the operating systems of “smart” televisions available on the market. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and … good viewing!

How to watch free movies on Smart TV

In this section of the tutorial, I intend to show you how to use free video content on Smart TVs: in fact, I will explain how to use the store integrated into the operating system (for proprietary ones, such as LG’s WebOS or the Philips operating system , for example), how to use the Google Play Store (for Android TV ) and, finally, how to take advantage of the integrated browser. The description of the services suitable for the purpose, with relative links to websites and any apps, will be listed in the next section of this guide.

The only indispensable requirement to succeed in the enterprise is that the TV is connected to the Internet , via Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable: if you have not yet done so and you do not know how to act, I invite you to read my guide in advance. on how to connect the TV to the Internet , in which I have explained to you in detail how to make the connection.

The simplest method to watch free movies on a Smart TV involves using the store dedicated to downloading apps , often included “as standard” in the operating system. To start it, it is generally sufficient to open the TV store, using the appropriate button on the remote control (usually in the shape of a house or marked with the wording Smart ), then look for the app that identifies the store.

Once opened, you can use the internal search engine (the magnifying glass usually placed at the top) or take advantage of one of the tabs that distinguish the categories, so you can find the most suitable app for your case (many of the applications suitable for purposes of this guide are available in the Entertainment and Video categories ). To proceed with the installation of an app, it is then sufficient to select the preview of the latter and, once on the summary sheet, press the download button, usually called Install or Download ) and start the installation by pressing the OK button remote control.

Once the process is complete, the app should be automatically added to those already present in the Smart menu, ready to be used.

In particular, if your TV is equipped with an Android operating system (so you have an Android TV ), installation is even easier, as many of the apps mirror those available on any Android smartphone or tablet.

To search and install apps on Android TV, press the Home button on the remote control, then select and start the Google Play Store , whose icon is located in the Applications category . Once the store is open, use the search field and the arrows on the remote control to find the desired app, then confirm the installation by selecting the Install button and pressing the OK button on the remote control.

However, keep in mind that not all Android apps are compatible with Android TV (and, therefore, included in the Android TV Play Store); in this case, you can choose between two options: “force” the installation of the app using the web version of the Google store, by visiting it through the browser of the TV (always bearing in mind that the app may not work correctly), or use directly the website relating to the service of your interest.

If your TV does not have any app compatible with the services that I will list shortly, you can still access their multimedia contents using the browser integrated on the Smart TV . To start it, press the key to access the Smart menu and identify the icon with the name Web Browser , Browser, Internet or Web Browser ; once you open the relevant app, you will have a browser similar to Chrome, Edge or any other browser that you are used to using on your computer, through which you can search, start websites or go to useful services to enjoy the contents what are you looking for.

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