How to Use YouTube End Screens to Get More views

Are you not getting desired views on YouTube view? Is your content not engaging or losing appealing with lower views and clicks? Well, it can be confusing to find the actual reason for fewer video views. However, working on the Youtube end screen on videos can help. Try incorporating engaging content and ideas that would keep viewers hooked up. The video content should be compelling enough to make the audience watch the video till the end.

Start Optimizing Youtube Video End Screen.

End screen on YouTube video has the potency to boost viewers’ stay time with an increased number of page subscribers. Adding a list of elements on the end screen can be fruitful to catch and retain the viewer’s attention till the end of the video.

List Of Elements On Add On The End Screen

  1. Playlist– Either playlist of your channel’s video or someone else would interest viewers
  2. Subscription button– The subscription button would make the viewers updated and get ready notification about a video posted
  3. Link to another channel –Add the link of another YouTube channel at the last of your video
  4. Video – Add a separate video at the end of your YouTube video
  5. Website link – Adding an external website link would be beneficial

Useful Tips To Follow In End Screens 

  • Make sure to design your end credit uniquely that is added to your account along with a call to action with the addition of interesting graphics
  • You can use the end screen of other videos to save time and import from there to fit it correctly for your current YouTube video

End Screens Boost Video Traffic 

Other than using playlists, the end screen and cards are effective options to drive the audience’s attention and influence purchase decision. The end screens are great options of visual call-to-action that encourage viewers to read your brand offers more. If the viewer has watched more than half of the video, they are showing interest in the content.

Moreover, the end screens are suitable to encourage the viewers and compel them to subscribe to your channel and visit it on interest. For more views, try to incorporate promotion ideas and content on the end screen and try the best of your editing skills.

Tips to Follow to Make End Screens   

  • The end screen should be 25 seconds long with a dimension of 1280×720 resolution, making it somewhere from 5 to 20 seconds.
  • Try not to add more than four elements in the end screen as it will mess up, and viewers may not get the required information from it.
  • If they get confused by the information you wish to convey, there is no point in adding the end screen.
  • Do not keep watermarks and other effects on the end screen, and try adding a customized image that is 300X300 width pixels.

Best Practices for End Screens to Bring in More Views 

Creating end screens is enough to get potential views on your video. Try to follow the best practices that can help to make it effective and engaging to the viewers.

  • The main idea of the end screen is to have more people sign up and subscribe to your channel, and so you shouldn’t miss on subscribe element. Try a unique method to add the subscribe button with a custom-made design to catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Make sure to add relevant videos on the end screen as it will influence one to subscribe to your channel and be interested in watching future videos.
  • The end screen video should have a high rate of conversion and be related to the main video.
  • Use effective options for CTA on the end screen linking viewers to the main channel or website. Other than this, you can direct viewers to a page asking them to sign up or buy services or products.
  • Adding social icons on the end screen also works as they get to know about other platforms to stay connected with your YouTube content.
  • Labeling videos is important, especially when you are posting part videos asking the audience to check the previous one and wait for the upcoming one.

By incorporating these practices in end-screen video, you can track the progress of the audience and spend time on videos. The progress would help you understand whether you are going on the right track and check YouTube analytics for better results. If report analytics suggest that one element is not working, try to edit it or replace it with another option.

Do Not Mess Up The End Screen. 

Yes, you should unclutter the end screen such that the elements included are visible. No viewer would spend time on a cluttered end screen that would confuse them, and they find it better to skip it. So, you have to plan carefully for your end screen and elements to incorporate in it.

Can You Customize The End Screen With Templates?

A custom-made end screen allows arranging elements professionally with effective CTAs for engaging and redirecting viewers. Here, you can add an attractive template on the end screen, and you can use a template from the editing software you use. Try using the best and latest online editing software with custom-made template options to add to the end screen.

Once the customized YouTube add screen is framed, you have to download it and upload it on your YouTube channel. Knowing the right steps to upload the video would make it hassle-free to upload and get many viewers for your videos.

Does End Screen Helps Build A Relationship With Viewers?

If you want to promote your brand via YouTube, engagement is the key. To build up a friendly relationship with viewers, try to offer them something unique that others are not offering. This is where you need to work on the end screen and retain viewers’ attention until the video ends.

Building relationships and audience engagement go hand-in-hand, and this is how you can promote your brand bringing in more viewers for your channel. In this, reply to comment, make reaction videos, and contest videos for a better response.

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