How to use the full lace and frontal lace wigs

Do you want to achieve a natural look by wearing lace wigs? Wigs are the best option for protecting the hair and scalp. Lace wigs are in high demand due to their added security. However, it helps the users to achieve the desired look through easy wearing steps. Lace wigs come in two primary types: full lace wig and front lace wig. The critical difference between both types of wigs is their cap construction. It is easy to style the full and frontal lace wig if you have the proper guidelines.

The lace wigs are more expensive than other wig options, but the afterpay wigs choice makes it easy to buy them.  Plenty of manufacturers provide the afterpay wigs option, and you can choose it according to your budget. Luvmehair also provides the best full lace and frontal lace wigs in different styles that you can choose according to your dream look.

However, if you are a beginner wig user, this guide is for you. Here we will share the easy to follow method for using the full lace and lace front wigs.

So let’s dive into it.

Full lace wigs

The full lace wig cover the head consisting of a sheer mesh lace cap. You can style the full lace wig quickly by wearing the full lace wig cap. Before choosing the full lace wig, ensure that you know your head size. It is essential to measure the head dimensions for achieving the comfortable wearing experience of full lace wigs. Besides that, you can choose any style like wet and wavy wig.

Lace frontal wigs

The frontal lace wig also has sheer lace as its base. It consists of the machine construction, and every hair strand is attached with the lace through the machine. As the name shows, the lace is only available in the front portion of wigs. Therefore it takes more time to style as compared to full lace wigs. Ensure to choose the desired style in lace frontal wigs like short human hair wigs and many more to achieve the desired look in minimal time.

How to use the lace front wigs?

Here is the step by step guide for using or wearing the lace front wigs.

Prepare your natural hairs

It is one of the essential steps for achieving a realistic appearance. Ensure to tuck all the hairs, so they don’t appear at the hairline. If your hairs are short and you also want to wear short human hair wigs or curly ones, bind the natural hairs through pins. The small pins are ideal for securing the hairs. Moreover, the hair sprays also help to tie the hairs properly.

Put on the lace front wig

Many of us believe that a wig cap is necessary for wearing lace front wigs. However, it is an optional step that you can eliminate if you don’t feel the need for a wig cap. The sensitive scalp can get the additional protective layer through the wig caps. But it does not affect the final look of lace front wigs.

The essential step after securing your hair is to put on the lace front wigs. Ensure that the lace of the wig is close to the hairline to achieve a natural look. Put on the wig and make the necessary adjustments. The nape of the lace has straps for adjusting the tightness of the wig. Tie these straps according to the comfort and size of your head.

How to use full lace wigs?

The full lace wigs need a suitable size cap. Ensure that you know about your wig requirements and select the wig according to them.

Now, let’s move to the step by step guide to using the full lace wigs.

Prepare your hairs

It is the first and most essential step for styling the full lace wigs. Ensure that your hair is clean to maintain the hair condition under the wig. Tuck all the hairs after combining them appropriately. If you have short hair, it is easy to handle as the cap of a full lace wig will cover them. However, the long hairs need to be tied by making braids or tie them by using short pins.

Put on the wig cap

The full lace wig has a cap under the hairs. Ensure that your wig cap is according to your head dimensions. When the cap is in a suitable size, it helps to cover all the hairs and blend appropriately. Here you can use a few pins to secure the cap at its right position. Moreover, you can also use the makeup concealer to conceal the hairline and get a realistic look.

Trim the additional lace

It is essential to place the full lace wig on your head. The cap will cover all the hair to ensure security and fit for a comfortable experience. In addition, adjust the cap placement according to your dream style. Once you secure the full lace wig, then trim the additional hairs. Ensure to use sharp scissors for cutting the different lace from the hairline and all other sides.

Secure and style the full lace wig

When you are satisfied with your full lace wig positioning on your head, tie its straps. Ensure that it is not too tight or too loose. Secure the full lace wig according to its comfort feeling, head size and dimensions.

Now you can style the full lace wig according to your choice, and if you have a natural human hair wig, it is easy to style. The flat iron helps gain the curly wigs or flat hairs according to your dream look.


Now you have a compelling guide on using the full lace and lace front wig. It is easy to style if you have the right size of full lace wigs and lace front wigs according to your head dimensions. Now grab your lace wig, style it according to your dream look, and enjoy every event with the latest hairstyle.

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