How To Use Eye Gel?

So it is often said, the eyes are the window to your soul. However, the area right around the eyes may be a doorway that allows light to shine in and exposes signs of aging. It is the most common place where people start to notice a decrease in elasticity and vibrancy. It’s common to hear about under-eye bags. But if you feel like you have a whole new set, then it might be time for you to let go.

This area is right under our eyes and can tell us a lot about how well we sleep, how hydrated we stay, and what beauty regimens we follow. This area is particularly sensitive so it requires some extra attention. Best under eye cream for dark circles and gels can address undereye bags. They also help with dark circles, fine lines, and the crepey texture that is associated with losing firmness. Before we move on to the topic of how to use eye gels, it is important to take a moment to examine what these products do.

1. Princess, It’s A Small Amount!

You might be wondering how much eye cream to use. But remember the story of the princess and her pea and how even a small amount can make a huge difference. You should let your delicate side shine when you apply it. You can use a small amount, just like with concentrated formulas. You should apply a small amount to your eye area. If you use more, it will end up being less effective. Because it’s a more expensive product, you don’t want it wasted.

2. Not In It, But Around The Eye

Although it might seem strange that many products for the eyes talk about avoiding your eye, there are important differences between your eyeball and the skin. Your eye isn’t always going to be able to take what’s good for your skin. Eye gels should only be used under the eyes, along the top of your cheekbones and in the area below the brow. The product will work its magic by getting into tiny crevices and cracks. Creams and gels can creep up on the lashes so make sure you don’t get too close.

3. Eye-Opening For The Morning

Eye gels can be used to awaken and rejuvenate tired or dull skin. Although some creams can cause clumping and clumping, a gel eye gel allows for a more even application of makeup. You should save the thicker eye creams for the night. Eye gels are also safe to use in the evening. Two times a day is enough. It’s okay to use the eye gel at both the beginning and end of your day. Apply the eye gel only to freshly cleansed and exfoliated faces. This will prepare your skin for maximum absorption.

4. Let It Air Dry

Let it dry. Let the makeup dry. You don’t have to belt it out, but these words of wisdom are important. It is a good idea for your eye gel to dry before you proceed to the next step of your daily beauty routine. It should take about five minutes for the tiny amount of gel to melt into your skin, leaving it feeling dry. You can then tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen to your skin. Finally, layer on the makeup you normally use.

You can see the video below to hear some of these suggestions reaffirmed. It doesn’t hurt to remind! This instructional video clarifies the location of the orbital area in case you were unsure.

5. Send It To Those Smiling Lines

Yes, your skin around the eyes can indeed be very different. However, this doesn’t mean that your eye gel won’t work well with the other parts of your face. If you do ever go beyond the suggested amount, you can apply extra eye gel directly to your smile lines. If you are like many women who have to remove hair just above their lip line, then you know that it can cause dryness. Eye gel can be used to give the skin around your mouth some extra tenderness and care. Don’t forget to give some love and eye gel to the areas around your mouth.

6. Ring Finger: Your Weakest Link Is You!

Eye gel can be applied to your ring finger by using the lowest pressure. This means that it is the weakest finger. That’s a good thing. You don’t have to use your super-powerful pointer finger to make an emergency escape. You can use your index, middle, or even pinky to exert more pressure. It is a reminder to use gentle pressure when applying creams and make-up to sensitive parts of your skin. You could also put a ring…finger on the product if it was a hit savefromnet¬†.¬†

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