How to Use a Cream Whipper 

A cream whipper is a sealed canister that employs a high-pressure gas to make creams aerate. They save effort and time when making milkshakes and whipped cream for fruits desserts, fresh pastries, and more. The whipper is great for homes, and also for commercial establishments like cafes, kitchens, and bakeries. Although their main function is to whip up cream, they are also capable of a lot more than just creating cream for topping up hot drinks. They can also be used to add some texture to any sweet dish. They are a great option for making mousses, sauces, and infusions, not to mention amazingly flavored cream for hot beverages, cold cappuccinos, and puddings among others. 

They also make it possible for delicate mixture to be stored for a long time inside the canister, without getting exposed to the air. These are the amazing reasons that make a cram whipper a versatile and valuable tool for every kitchen.

How a cream whipper works

Cream whipper employs small-sized chargers that are filled with nitrous oxide to cause aeration of a liquid of your choice, before forcing it out through a nozzle that exists at the top. The nitrous oxide chargers, which are small cartridges should be slipped into the canister’s sleeve, and screwed with care until when gas is released. After the lever or trigger is squeezed in, the gas gets mixed with the liquid, therefore producing foam.

How to use cream whipper to get the best-whipped cream

When the cream whipper is used in the right way, a better quality cream is produced. Before you get started, you should ensure that all parts of the dispenser are available, and these include the box and whipper chargers.

Step one

Remove the screws on the top section of the dispenser, and then insert the right tip. Connect it securely to the canister. Check on the head’s underside to ensure that the gasket or O-ring is placed correctly.

Step two

Put in the desired cream or liquid up to the maximum fill line. Make sure that it doesn’t overfill.

Step three

Screw on the tip side and ensure that there isn’t cross-threading. Put the charger of the whipper into its holder with its end facing upwards. Twist this charger into the header until when you hear a hissing sound, which shows that the gas is being released.

Step four

Shake the dispenser several times, and hold it upside down. Press the lever at the top to dispense. If you feel that the cream is excessively runny, you can shake the dispenser again before you press the lever again.

Step five

When the canister gas is empty, ensure that any remaining pressure is discharged, and remove the screws at the top. Throw away the charger and wipe out any residue from the nozzle using a brush.

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