How to Use a Bubbler Pipe

A Bubbler Pipe or Bubblers have become a popular smoking device among people. It is small, portable, handheld, and easy to use smoking equipment. Every drag sends a smooth and flavor laden satisfaction to the user. Off late it has become a fashion statement to carry a bubbler pipe.

A bubbler pipe is an amalgamation of a bong and a water pipe. In some ways, it is similar to a Bong. In the sense that, a bubbler pipe has a bowl, stem, mouthpiece, and a water chamber. Much like a water pipe, the smoke in a bubbler pipe cools down after being in the water chamber so as to provide a smooth and effortless drag. It has a glass water pipe meant for smoking.

History of Bubbler Pipes

It is difficult to pin down the inventor or the place where the bubbler pipe originated. Since it is quite similar to a Bong and bongs are used for glass making, we can more or less guess how and when the bubbler pipes were invented.

Bongs are considered a precursor of the bubblers. The earliest known bongs were made of bamboo. The word ‘Bong’ is taken from the Thai word ‘baung’. The Thai people used to call pipes made of bamboo as baung. Hence, the word Bong. In fact, there are shreds of evidence to show that bongs were used in Russia and China as well.

Similar to Bongs, smoking pipes have been here for a while. The only difference is that earlier, pipes were made of bamboo, clay, wood, and ivory. The modern ones are made of glass.

As mentioned before, it is difficult to trace back the origin of bubbler pipes, but one thing is for sure- they are a hit among smokers. Many big businesses, craftsmen, and international brands manufacture bubbler pipes and supply them in different parts of the world.

Glass bubbler pipes are not just used for smoking but make for an amazing artifact to be displayed at home.

Many contemporary smokers prefer glass bubblers because they work better with heat and are durable. Also, the glass doesn’t tamper with the original taste of the herbs. Therefore, it gives a clean and smooth flavored puff.

Bubbler Pipe- How to Use It?

The mechanism of using a bubbler pipe is quite easy. Before you start using the bubbler, fill the water chamber with cold water. This is the first step. Do remember that the colder the water, more easy and smooth the puffs will be. The second step includes for the user to grind up some herbs just the way one would do while using the bong. Next, fill the bubblers bowl or the bowl piece with the ground herbs. If your bubbler has a carb conceal it with a thumb or any finger and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. The next step is to light up the bowl and draw out puffs continuously and smoothly into the chamber while continuously inhaling as well. Lastly, remove your thumb or finger from the carb and inhale the rest of the smoke from the water chamber.

Advantages of a Bubbler Pipe

There are several benefits of using a Bubbler Pipe instead of a bong.

  1. Bubblers are small and easy to carry around outside. While bongs are too big and cumbersome to be enjoyed outdoors.
  2. Bongs come with a lot of additional equipment that makes them difficult to be carried around. On the other hand, a bubbler is around 10 inches making it a portable device.
  3. A bubbler ensures a smooth and more satisfactory smoking experience in comparison to a bong.
  4. A bubbler pipe is lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to use especially for ones who have just started smoking.
  5.  A bubbler can double up as a dry pipe. When you do not have time or water, simply fill the weed in the bowl and enjoy your puffs.
  6. Smoking a bubbler pipe is healthier than a bong because the water in the water chamber filters out the smoke before it reaches one mouth and throat.
  7. There are several different varieties of bubblers available, and one can choose to use what they like.
  8. Bubblers look fancy, elegant, and more contemporary. They have an aesthetic appeal to them and appear sophisticated.

Bubblers Over Bongs?

Not really. Like every other product, a bubbler has its limitations too.

  1. The biggest disadvantage is that the cleaning process of a bubbler is time-consuming. Since it is a small device that gets used more frequently, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Bubblers get dirty easily. The single and small glass bowl may be difficult to clean.
  2. The design of a bubbler cannot be changed. It has to be used as it is. No extra pieces of equipment can be added.
  3.  To make a bubbler more durable ensure you buy a good quality one.

Cleaning a Bubbler Pipe

While using a bubbler, it is of utmost importance to keep cleaning it regularly so that you do not contract any infection. The most effective way is to clean it in a solution of salt and isopropyl alcohol. Dip the bubbler pipe in this solution for about an hour and then clean it with warm water and a pipe cleaner. Ensure to clean out any resin from every corner of the bubbler pipe. Leave it out to dry before using it again. Keep cleaning your bubbler pipe regularly so that it lasts longer.

Types of Bubbler Pipes

There are several types of bubbler pipes to choose. Various materials like glass, bamboo, plastic, ceramic, metals, etc are used to make bubblers.

Some bubbler pipes are Hammer Bubbler, Sherlock Bubbler, Sidecar Bubbler, Pendant Bubbler, Double Bubbler, and Concentrate Bubbler.

Cost of a Bubbler Pipe

There are bubblers that cost less than ten dollars. A high-end bubbler can cost up to two hundred dollars. While selecting a bubbler pipe do bear in mind the material of the pipe, the detailing of the work, color, brand, and the way it has been manufactured.

Final Words

A bubbler pipe is a unique instrument for smokers. Its size makes it portable enough to be carried around. It also attracts attention when one uses it. It makes for a great style statement and doubles up as an artifact for the ones interested in owning collectables. What’s more? It is comparatively a healthier option.