How to Style Your Antique and Vintage Jewellery?

How to Style Your Antique and Vintage jewellery? It seems like a simple enough question, but with so many styles and types of antique jewellery available, how do you decide what to wear? We have all been in that position: you find a gorgeous piece of antique jewellery that sparks all sorts of ideas. How to wear it?

I have seen it before when someone has found an antique piece of jewellery at a yard sale or swap-meeting and they have absolutely no idea how to wear it. Let’s face it – even if you have worn it once, chances are you will look all weird and awkward trying to put it on. And chances are the buyer won’t buy it either! You are not alone. Antique and vintage jewellery is a very special possession for its owner and there are some real intricacies involved in wearing and displaying jewellery.

Style and design

The first thing you need to know is that style and period matter! There are certain rules to follow no matter what period of jewellery you are wearing. According to Carus Jewellery, gothic rings the most important thing to remember is not to wear anything too extravagant – the last thing you want to do is look tacky. On the other hand, there are some beautiful pieces of antique jewellery that look good on just about anyone, so don’t rule out outfits that might not be appropriate!

Choose your outfit

One of the main things you must consider when picking out your new vintage or antique jewellery is where you are going to wear it. Many people go to great lengths choosing their outfit and accessories for a particular event. For example, if it’s a wedding, you will want to look as formal as possible. If you are going to a social event or some other informal gathering, you will probably choose something a little more casual.

Look extra options

If you are wearing your vintage or antique jewellery on your arm, then you have a few extra options. If the jewellery has a long, elegant necklace, then you can wear it around your neck. Likewise, if the chain is straight across your chest (like on a pendant), then you can wear it on your waist. If the design calls for some buttons on your sleeve or wrist, then that is certainly an option as well! It really is impossible to say for sure which type of jewellery is suitable for each scenario, so you’ll have to try them all out!

At last

Some people worry about their outfit not matching at all with their vintage or antique jewellery, but this isn’t the case at all. Even if it doesn’t match 100%, it will still look fantastic! So, as you can see, how to style your antique and vintage jewellery is quite easy once you know your options. You may even be tempted to buy more than one piece to complete your outfit, so go ahead and experiment!


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