How to style the water wave hair of you?

Water wave wig introduction:

The water wave hair is called by its name because of its super sleek and effortless nature. The water wave hair consists of textures that are similar to the waves on the surface of water. This is somehow a very popular wig style in recent time.The big curls of the wig can enhance the look by giving a natural and classy look. You can get thick and luxurious hair styles with water wave hair extensions. Made out of very high quality virgin u part wig human hair. You can style your hair according to your preference.

Where to Buy water wave hair:

Today in the world, there are lots of similar businesses. But it is hard to find a top level company to buy good quality items. If it comes to mind about hair wigs, I can tell you about Luvmehair. 

Why Luvmehair: 

Luvmehair is one of the leading companies in hair items. You can’t ignore their reputation. According to Similarweb stats luvmehair’s average monthly visitors to their online store is 2.5 millions. Most of the visitors are from the United States. 

What kind of water wave hair can be styled:

Each and every kind of water wave hair can be styled including Brazilian Water Wave, Peruvian, Malaysian or Indian Water Wave. Each of them comes with different textures and you can style them according to your preference. 

How to Style Your Water Wave Hair:

You can use both human hair bundles made water waves or synthetic made water waves for extending your hair and style them according to your choice. But, using the virgin human hair made wig can boost or enhance your look more than the synthetic one. It is always preferable for styling. You can do a lot with the water waves made by human hair. Though styling of your hair depends on your own mood, but here are some steps you should follow when you style your water wave hair:

  • Before starting the styling of your water wave hair make sure you have all other necessary tools besides you like tool iron, wide tooth brush, curling iron etc.
  • Make sure that your wig is properly clear and washed and ready to wear.
  • Start from the bottom up to the roots when you brush the hair.
  • Don’t apply force when you are brushing your hair. Otherwise you may damage your hair
  • You can apply any good hair spray or styling gel to style according to your choice.
  • If you want to straighten your water wave hair, use the flat iron in a very low temperature to straight. 
  • If you want to ripple or coil then you should divide the lower section and apply hair spray on each of the sections before starting to roll at a lower temperature. You have to roll the hair in the direction you like. 
  • Make sure the hair is cool when removing the curlers.
  • After removing the curlers, comb the hair appropriately and apply a few amounts of hair spray to keep the roll in place.

Frequently Asked Question

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  2. Can wet and wavy hair be flat ironed?
  3. Can I braid my hair with water wave hair?
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  5. What can I put in my hair water waves?

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