How to Split PDF Pages Using GogoPDF for Free

A split PDF file is a configuration file created by extracting content from a PDF file. To get rid of a few things from your report, it appears to have less information. It will be a huge trouble if you start from the beginning, creating a new file, retyping the specified content, saving it, and then converting it to PDF once more. You don’t have to do that now, thanks to GogoPDF. With this, you can collect additional information and specifics in your documents and make them much easier to share.

What are the perks of splitting your PDF files? To make the file smaller, split it into separate files so that you may send them one at a time and make them shareable. By splitting PDFs, you may increase your productivity and complete your task more quickly now that you have more time on your hands. A split PDF can allow you to be more direct with the contents, providing precise information that can lead to clarity. As a result, how are you going to go about doing it? In this guide, we’ll show you how to split PDF pages using GogoPDF. Let’s start.

Steps on how to split PDF pages

The first step is to split PDF on the GogoPDF website then locate your file from your device and upload it into the GogoPDF box that will appear on your screen. You have two options for uploading your PDFs: selecting or dragging the file. You can drag the file into GogoPDF’s splitting section or simply select the PDF you want to split and upload it in the server by clicking the select button on your computer. Depending on your internet connection, you may need to wait a few seconds after uploading the PDF.

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After you’ve finished uploading, you’ll need to decide on how you want to split your PDF files and then hit the relevant button to start the extraction process. You can extract it for free to get a single chapter or page from the book, or you can upgrade to GogoPDF PRO to have a better grasp of PDF splitting. After you’ve decided on an option, click it and continue. Wait for GogoPDF to split PDF files into the number of pages you want, then click the button above the box and wait a few seconds, which will depend on your internet connection.

After that, the screen will display your PDF, which is ready to download, and you can copy the URL to share it with your friends or on social media. That concludes the steps or guide on how to split PDF pages for free and with ease. With GogoPDF, you can finish your tasks in a blink of an eye.

What is GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a web-based file converter that allows users to view and edit PDF files easily. It means that you don’t have to install this tool on your computer. Isn’t it incredibly convenient? Not to mention that this site includes a lot of services like PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, any office file to PDF, and many other available options. This website is an online tool that will be of great assistance to you in your office and schoolwork.

The majority of people admire PDF files since they are read-only. GogoPDF will assist you in completing your tasks in a matter of seconds, not to mention that the users’ privacy and security are the priority of their website. It is highly convenient and safe to use the GogoPDF. There are other online tools when it comes to converting, editing, and splitting PDFs, but why should you choose this website? Here are the benefits when you use GogoPDF.

Benefits of using GogoPDF

1.   Security

The first benefit is security. GogoPDF always prioritizes the data security of its users. You can trust this website, and it will not affect your devices while you use it.This site dedicates the webpage to prevent any online data breaches and hackers. Once the process is complete, you may now freely share your files with your friends, coworkers, or family via a unique shareable link, making it an easier and more convenient way to share your files. Furthermore, the server automatically deletes all files one hour after uploading them as part of their company policy.

2.   Usability

With GogoPDF, you can find everything you need for your work or school. They have everything you can think of. You can select which tool you want to use, and your screen will go to a new page where you can upload the files you want to convert or edit when you click it. The files you upload will turn into high-quality files in a matter of seconds.

3.   Fast Processing

This website made everything as easy as possible. GogoPDF, as a converter, is by far the simplest approach with digital file formats such as PDF you can find online. You don’t need any specific instructions to utilize this website. All you have to do is upload your files with just a few clicks, and you can have a high-quality file. This feature is not just for splitting PDFs but for all the tools that you can use.

4.   Pro Account

GogoPDF is a free online tool that will assist you with your school or office tasks. For a better user experience, you can subscribe to them and become a member. With your pro account, you can use the tools without worrying about the limitation. You don’t also have to worry about the irritating pop-up ads. It is undeniably a long-term investment.

5.   Customer Service

You do not need to be concerned about the service provided by this website. Not all platforms respond fast to their customer support contact who can answer all the questions. GogoPDF will make every effort to accommodate the platform’s users.

Since they commit to growing and enhancing their platform, they welcome any suggestion or input that will help them provide you with a far better platform for all of your files and documents.

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In Conclusion

When performing work on a webpage, you must be cautious of your security and the results that the webpage may provide. This webpage can offer you a variety of tools for your online task or file management. We made sure that we assist you in knowing how to split PDFs using GogoPDF. You can view it for yourself at and complete your task quickly with the help of the instructions above for free. You can also become a pro member for a better user experience.