How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener

Like other electrical power tools, chainsaws need regular maintenance to retain functionality. The blade is the main component of the chainsaw. Your saw would be useless if you don’t correctly function the saw blade. Using a chainsaw sharpener, you can keep the saw blade sharp to cut wood quickly. As the chainsaw cuts wood very quickly, an electric sharpener can sharpen the blade quickly also. Using an electric sharpener to sharpen the edge is the fastest way. You may follow some Chainsaw tips to sharpen the blade quickly. We need to know when to use an electric sharpener and how to use it. 

When to use

You can’t sharpen the process every day. You have to notice three crucial points before using an electric sharpener. 

  • Check the chainsaw is spitting dust or sharp wood chips.
  • If you have to generate more pressure, then you can understand the teeth of the saw are getting dull already.
  • If the blade pulls in a direction, it will be ready to use. 

If you notice these three signs, you have to sharpen the chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener. If you ignore these signs, it might be dangerous and harmful to you because it could result in engine damage and severe injuries.

Steps to follow to sharpen the chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener


You have to understand the specification of the blade before sharpening it. Specifications are available on the box from where the chainsaw came. You should know the pitch and gauge because this can affect the chainsaw blade. If you fail to find the manufacturer’s manual, you can find it online or contact the manufacturer to measure the chainsaw blade accurately.


Once knowing the pitch and gauge, the main work is to put the electric sharpener correctly. I recommend you set the sharpener on the ground to prevent shaking or any movement during operation. Positioning in the right place will make installing the blade on the sharpener easier and causes a smooth sharpening process.

Install the stone

After completing steps one and two, the next step for you is to install the sharpening stone. The width of the sharpening stone can be 3/16 inches. For a successful installation, you need to focus on step one mentioned earlier. Correct measurement makes the installation process smoother.


Now, put the blade inside the harpener’s holder and adjust the angle between 0 to 60 degrees. In a few cases, fix the pitch to 80 degrees.


You can move the electric sharpener in different directions to ensure the most accurate settings. You can rotate the locking wheel at the right angle. After that you can tighten them from the bottom. 

Time to sharpen

After completing the steps mentioned above, you are in the last and final step. The measure is to sharpen the blade properly. 

A dull chainsaw causes unclean cuts; then, it’s necessary to sharpen the blade to get the quick and best result.

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