How to recover a lost bank card

A lost bank card can certainly bring a lot of trouble to its owner. If a person has lost a bank card, it should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible in order to be able to use his account and the money that is there. Indeed, in our time it is much more convenient to keep a card with you and not think about cash.

What to do if you have lost your bank card?

In fact, not every situation requires further re-release of plastic. Therefore, it is worth contacting a bank branch with such a request only in such cases:
When changing personal information.
If the ATM ate your card.
If the card is about to expire.
If the card has been lost.
But what if the person lost the card? If the card is lost or stolen, block it immediately. The fact is that the card contains absolutely all the data that is required when making online payments or withdrawing funds to another card. The CVV code is on the back of the card. Therefore, an urgent blocking of the card and an application to the bank for its reissue are needed.

WestStein Prepaid Card

WestStein offers its customers a unique opportunity to forget about plastic. A virtual card is a great way to make purchases, make payments and many other monetary transactions. And the card at the same time can be safely stored at your home. You don’t have to worry about it being lost or, God forbid, stolen. Indeed, in the wrong hands, she is able to give the thieves all the information for the successful completion of the robbery and withdrawing all the funds from your account.
A virtual debit card is great for everyday use. You can easily make purchases over the Internet, as well as control your expenses or even optimize them. You just need to register in the system, verify your WestStein online account and that’s it, the virtual card is yours. You can safely start using it. If you still need a plastic card, you can also get it by filling out an application for issue.
WestStein is your safe and reliable partner. Customers can issue a card without any obligation and mark its use at any time when it is necessary. But you will certainly appreciate all the benefits of using a virtual account and will not want to give up the convenience that it provides.

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