How to Protect Yourself From Phone Scams? (100% Works)

In the tech-oriented world, where everything has become so easily accessible, people have started using this advancement as per their mindset. Everyone wants to stay updated with this technology. You keep on upgrading yourself now and then to keep track of this fast-moving world. 

As every coin has two sides, so happens to be with this technology. While some people are using this technology for good, some are using this to harm other people just for their benefit. We come across a new phone scam every day. This creates a sensation of threat among people. 

Are you getting calls or messages from unknown phone numbers asking for PIN or OTP? Are you getting threatening calls or messages? Is someone asking you for money in the name of someone you know? 

People lose a great deal of cash to telephone tricks — some of the time their life investment funds. Scammers have sorted out innumerable approaches to swindle you out of your cash via phone. 

In certain tricks, they act amicable and accommodating. In others, they may compromise or attempt to unnerve you. One thing you can rely on is that a phone scammer will attempt to get your cash or your data to submit wholesale fraud.

Signs that It’s a Phone Scam

  • The scammer pretends to be a person you know.
  • The scammer pretends to be from an organization you know
  • The scammer says there’s a problem and asks for money
  • The scammer says you won a lottery or some reward and asks you to pay token money to collect the prize
  • The scammer pressurize you to act immediately

These all are signs of a scammer. You don’t need to panic if you get into any such situation. You can easily protect yourself from such phone scams by using phone number lookup from CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a web-based application that can help you stay safe from such phone scams. It offers various services that you can use according to your requirements and the availability of data. It has services that work 100%, like reverse phone lookup, people search, background search and more. 

Reverse Phone Lookup

Getting calls or messages from an unknown phone number asking for your details or any confidential PIN or OTP? Remember! You must not attend any such calls and give any data to any such person.

Even if these people are offering you any prize or rewards or lottery, you should NEVER fall for any such thing and get in the trap of such people. Now you will be thinking what if this very person is reliable and you have won some sort of reward. You need to identify where you are getting the calls and messages from. 

Only after a fool-proof investigation, you can proceed further. Although in the majority of cases such calls and messages are fraud. You should protect yourself from falling into the trap. 

You can identify the unknown phone number through CocoFinder’s Reverse Phone Lookup tool. You can search the phone number in this search engine and get to know whom this phone number belongs to. You will be able to identify if this person is legit. 

You can get the following information through the reverse phone lookup tool:

  • Person’s Identity
  • Address 
  • Acquaintances
  • Alternate Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Social media profile

People Search

Somebody recently contacted you claiming to be someone you know. You were not able to recognise them in the first instance, but later their suspicious talking behaviour blew your mind. 

You discovered that this supposedly your known person is trying to collect important information from you. Now that the person has even started behaving differently, you got to know there is something fishy. By now you must have got alert and started being cautious. You might be wondering who this person is in real?

Or there might be a situation where you just met someone on a dating site or any other social media platform. You started talking to them in a friendly way but they are trying to trace more and more confidential information about you. 

Now, you got a doubt about what this person is trying to do. Does the person want to trap you in a scam or something like that? Is the person the one he/ she is pretending to be or not?

You can learn this easily with the help of CocoFinder’s People Search tool. You can search the person’s name (the one that the person is showcasing you) in the people search engine. Within a few minutes, you will get your desired search results. 

You will get all the following details:

  • Addresses
  • Phone number
  • Fraud/ scam rating
  • Business details
  • Court records

Background Check

You get to know someone over text or online, but it has started becoming suspicious due to their 

Behaviour. Similar to People Search, you can also use CocoFinder’s Background Check. 

This tool will provide you with in-depth details about the person’s background. You can search the person’s name in the background check search bar and get all the required details. 

The tool will provide you with the following information:

  • Address History
  • Employment History
  • Licences
  • Criminal Records

You can cross-verify all the above information you got as the search results. This will help you identify the scam or fraud and now you can take action upon it. Depending upon the severity of the issue, you can even take some legal actions. You can report such scammers.

CocoFinder also allows you to block such phone scammers and report them as spam or fraud. This will help you in getting rid of the calls and messages from that scammer. 

Ending Words

Phone scams are very common nowadays. The scammers try to catch you into their trap but you should remain cautious and the moment you find anything suspicious, you can check it. 

CocoFinder will help you cross-verify your doubts and suspicions through its tools like people search, reverse phone lookup and background check. You easily catch the scammers and protect yourself from such scams. Are you getting calls or messages from unknown phone numbers asking for PIN or OTP? Are you getting threatening calls or messages? Is someone asking you for money in the name of someone you know?

Stay Cautious! Stay safe!