How to Master a New Game

When we dive into a new game, we get excited. We feel a rush of adrenaline as we get the basics nailed down. We might even benefit from more than a bit of beginner’s luck. Whether picking up League of Legends or finally diving into old classics like chess or poker, how to turn this lucky streak into something more?

It is an important part of healthy adulthood to be able to pick up new games and start towards mastering it. The emotional skills are important for other areas of life as well. So let’s look at how we can build dedication and mastery of new games that we pick up!

Stay Motivated

While the initial boom that we feel when we start a game is great. Everything is new and exciting. We pick up a number of new skills and perspectives fast. We figure out new tricks at breakneck speed. We learn so much that we can sometimes temporarily lose sight of how much we still have left to learn.

This rush of confidence we experience at first can come crashing down quickly. As the learning curve plateaus, we can get frustrated. Frustration is demotivating. It is important to keep an eye on this moment of game adaptation.

We can solve this frustration through a number of means, including buying the latest gear to be the best player possible. The different ways to get over this frustration hump can only come after we have worked to identify it. Knowing and understanding this process is key to sticking to it for the long haul.

Below we have some of the best ways to say motivated for the long haul.

Do Some Research Into New Strategies

One way to stay motivated is to research new strategies. Even if you understand the mechanics of the games, there is always a new perspective on the best way to win, since no strategy is ever fully complete, there is always something you can learn to round out the edges of yours.

Playing with a live dealer is a great way to do this. Use this guide to find the best ones available on the internet in India. They have spent hours researching the best live casinos, and can help show you how to sign up. Plus, they recommend sites with great bonuses, so you can get a lot of practice on the cheap. They have recommendations for baccarat, poker, and more.

Playing against a live dealer is a great way to pick up on new strategies. Pay attention to how they are handling their cards and their bids. After all, they are the experts and can definitely show you a thing or two. Whenever you are playing, be on the lookout. Every game you play is also a bit of research.

Teach Friends How to Play

When you feel the onset of passion from starting a new game start to wane, a good way to give yourself a boost on your way to mastery is to teach some of your closest friends how to play. This will help you out in at least two important ways.

The first is that you will have some new friends to play the game with. A golden rule for mastering something is that the journey has to be enjoyable as well. We can be motivated by long-term goals, of course. But we rarely get there if the journey along the way is miserable.

Having people to accompany you as you work out strategies, and play just for fun is key. Plus, they will end up calling you up and suggesting that you play some days. Also, they provide a bit of competition, so you will not rest on your laurels. It would be a bit embarrassing if the student surpasses the teacher.

Also, as newcomers to the game, whether it be a video game or Parcheesi, they will have fresh perspectives. They will teach you things you overlooked, simply by being new to the game. You will be seeing the game anew. Plus, teaching something is a great way to really learn it yourself, as you have to pass over all the basics and make sense of them anew.