How to make your weaves look natural

If you wake up every morning and find your hairstyle needs to refresh, wearing weaves can help you achieve the desired results. But how to make your weaves blend in with your natural is an essential part of wearing weaves, because most people don’t want others to notice that the hair is not their real hair. Here are some tips for you to have a more natural look.

1.Buy High-quality human hair weaves

The quality of bundles always decides the final results and looks that you spend hours on the hair. Comparing with human hair, synthetic hair is cheaper but when it comes to making styles and coloring, synthetic hair does not show a natural look and has a shorter lifespan. Though investing in human hair weaves can cost a fortune, nice bundles that can help you refresh your look are worth all the time and money. You can ask your stylists or friends for high-quality hair vendors, and you can check social media and the review of some stores you have an interest in.

2.Color and texture cater to your natural hair

We probably know the fact that many celebrities on TV and people wear wigs. It’s hard to tell sometimes whether or not they wear weaves or wigs, but someone’s hair does not come straight from their scalp and they scream wigs. When we buy weaves, we need to choose the hair that is closed to your natural hair on color and texture. It’s unnatural and noticeable if your hair has, let’s say two types of color and textures. But you can ignore this step if you want to have fun with your hair and create an unconventional look. Unice mall offers all sorts of textures for you to choose from.

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3.Length and volume

If you want to have the Rapunzel look, otherwise, you better not have a crazy length and volume that does not match your height. Having too much hair will not promise you a natural and fabulous look but cause you trouble in day-to-day life. So you should think thoroughly about the look before you spend money on weaves.

4.Installment method

There are several methods for installment. The tape-in method is the fastest method of application and natural-looking, but you should avoid use silicone products on your root. Swe-in weaves are undetectable and more natural, but it takes skills and time to finish. And this method may cause damage to your natural hair and scalp. Glue-in is a short-term way to add length and volume, it’s perfect for someone who just wants to have a try and not plan to wear weaves temporarily. Clip-in weaves are easy to apply and remove, but it’s not ideal for women who suffer hair loss and thinning.

And regular maintenance can give you healthy hair and help your hair last longer and reach a better result of looks. You can get an unice hair bargain and find more tips for weaves and wigs at unice mall.

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