How To Learn Math Fast: Smart Study Tips For Students?

Maths is a typical subject that requires conceptual and logical understanding. Students usually mug up topics in theory subjects like social science, science, etc. but maths is a subject based on practical applications and practice, therefore mugging up in maths would be a waste of time. Many students struggle in maths because they are not able to understand the concepts but many on the other hand love doing maths problems. Whether you like maths or not it will help you in your day-to-day lives, so you need to learn maths at some point in your lives. Maths can become easier with the right training, practice, and effort.

Why should we study maths?

People say that maths has no importance in life but they are wrong. Maths is very important in our lives. We use maths in our daily lives without even realizing it. For example, we use maths while shopping, splitting bills, handling budgets, and even in reading time. Mathematics also supports the development of critical and logical thinking and it is also considered as the language of science. Mathematics helps in building problem-solving and analytical skills.

Importance of mathematics in life-

Good for brain development- Just like physical workouts are necessary for keeping the human body fit and fine, maths is important for keeping the brain healthy and active. Research proves that students who solve maths problems have higher logical skills than students who didn’t solve any.  Maths is considered the best and most effective mental exercise.  That’s why it is recommended to do maths on a daily basis.

 Maths help in finances- Maths is extremely helpful in handling finances. With the help of finances, anyone can easily make financial budgets. Almost everyone in the world uses maths to handle finances.  Maths can be used to calculate how much money you spend and how much money you have.  Finances cannot be handled without using mathematics. It is also used in calculating profit and loss, loans, and many more. It plays an important role in business mathematics and accounting.

Maths also helps in cooking-  Maths is quite useful in cooking as in every recipe there is a need to put ingredients in a certain amount. To make anything delicious the cook should know the perfect measurement of all the ingredients.  In cooking, knowledge of basic mathematical units like dozens is necessary.  Mathematics helps you understand the quantity of food to be cooked or baked.

Improves problem-solving skills- The most effective way to improve problem-solving ability in mathematics.  Problem-solving skills are not only limited to academics but are also used in our daily lives.  As mentioned earlier, mathematics improves our logical and analytical thinking which in result develops our problem-solving ability.

Maths is used in every profession- No matter how much you try but you cannot run away from maths forever. Whichever profession you will choose will consist of at least some maths. For example, if you choose to become a fashion designer then also you have to deal with various sizes and measurements. Mathematics itself has many good career options, for example, accounting, engineering, etc.

Being an important subject in our lives maths should be learned by all since childhood only because children catch concepts easily.  Here, we will discuss some tips for students to learn maths fast.

Build your basics- Basics are everything in maths. Students should always focus on building their foundations before practising. Even if you are in class 12, your class 7 concepts will be used further in class 12. Most chapters in maths use concepts taught in previous classes. If previous concepts are not strong then one cannot do well in subsequent classes. Therefore, you should keep practising sums of previously taught concepts to always remember the basics.

Clear all your doubts- The biggest mistake a student does in mathematics is not clearing his doubts. Students should clear all their doubts as soon as they occur to understand the topic well. Students should ask for help from their teachers, friends, or mentors if stuck anywhere. Clearing doubts as soon as they occur can help you in understanding further concepts easily.

Learn all the formulas well- Formulas form an integral part of mathematics. All the sums are solved using a formula. Therefore, it is important for students to learn all the formulas. Noting down all the important formulas on one sheet of paper can help you learn all the important formulas at once. If formulas are learned well then it is very easy to solve sums. To learn the formulas well students should understand their derivations. You will never forget a formula if you know the logic behind it. If you mug up the formulas then there is a great possibility of you forgetting them in exams.

Always start from the examples- Students should always start practising any new chapter from examples. Jumping directly to exercises can give you wrong answers and hence discourage you to solve further. Students should solve examples without looking at the solution and once doing it you can check if you did it right or not. After mastering examples you can move further to exercises.

Practice makes a man perfect- Maths is a subject which requires a lot of practice. Students should do a lot of practice to master the chapter. Practising questions from reference books after completing the chapter from NCERT thoroughly can help you grasp the concepts easily. Questions asked in CBSE board examinations are NCERT based only, therefore it is important to practice NCERT well. You can check CBSE Sample Papers for Class 8 for getting a better understanding of the types of questions asked in the exam. 

Students should never take maths as an easy subject and should devote enough time daily to practice sums. Maths is a subject which we use throughout our life without even realizing, hence it should not be taken lightly. By following the above mentioned tips students can learn maths fast.