How to keep your lawn looking beautiful in winter

Some simple techniques to help keep your lawn looking beautiful in winter

When entering the winter although the weather is cool, there is a drought. Make trees and lawn in front of the house start to change green tree the beautiful lawn was withering from the weather. It’s probably an unsightly image. In addition, there are lawns and beautiful gardens to sit and relax, accommodating guests, hosting parties in the middle of the garden. Or doing activities with family members this winter can be very relaxing and uplifting ready to party this winter. Try to follow a simple lawn care method that we put together. 

  1. Make way for humidity and sunlight

As mentioned above that winter is relatively dry and when the trees shed their leaves and the wind is so strong that a large number of leaves drop, the fallen leaves may pile up on the lawn. Until the grass can’t get enough sunlight, so we should always keep the leaves clean. Including other obstacles that are covered on the grass to be as clear as possible 

  1. Pay attention to the lawn care by watering

It may seem like a trivial matter. But it is undeniable that the care of plants and lawn care. In winter is a must especially daily watering Due to winter, the soil dries out because of the lack of moisture in the air? We, therefore, need to maintain moisture in the lawn. By watering in the morning or when the sun is not very strong this includes weeding, nurturing the soil, fertilizing, and trying to trim away dead and dry branches.

  1. Don’t cut the grass too short

No matter what you do, it should be fit. As with mowing, it should be about 2 to 3 inches long so the grass can retain water and moisture within the plant we do not need to water often, the soil is wet and the roots can rot. Importantly, the shadow of the grass at this level does not make it look too cluttered and help retain moisture in the soil as well and if you are looking for best lawn mowers than you can get best by clicking on this highlighted link.

  1. Fertilize the grass with an emphasis on potassium
Just watering alone is not enough. For trees and lawn care must add fertilizer to it.

By winter with dry weather like this, it is recommended to fertilize with an emphasis on potassium because potassium helps the grass to be strong. Better resistance to dryness and disease. It should be fertilized 15 days per time or once a month. It is the most suitable lawn care method. 

  1. Take care of your lawn by mulching
How to take care of your lawn this winter the moisture in the soil must be maintained, so it is recommended that the soil be mulched with humus or mixed fertilizer according to grounds maintenance Solihull. But another trick is when the soil is mulched, it should be spread properly. Do not let it pile up on high hills just this; the front yard will always be beautiful throughout the season for sure. Let’s conclude that the care of the lawn in front of the house. It is another important thing that in addition to making the house looks beautiful and attractive; also helps to make the atmosphere inside the house better hopefully how to care for the lawn that we bring. It will help your garden and front yard look beautiful this winter.

Tips on how to maintain a beautiful lawn

Tips on how to take care of the lawn to be beautiful

Everyone wants to have a soft lawn to run around in the garden. But first, we need to consider the type and suitability of the area in which we will plant that grass. Another advantage is that it helps to reduce heat in the garden, glare and dust. Well, today’s home and garden have some tips for keeping your lawn looking beautiful for you.

Know the habits of the type of grass used before.

Nuan Noi Grass: likes full sun, tolerates trampling.

Japanese grass: likes full sun, tolerates trampling. But can’t fight grass, Nuan Noi,

Malaysian grass: likes the sun, does not tolerate trampling.

How to take care of the lawn to keep it green

  1. The newly planted grass should be watered 4-5 times a day to keep the soil moist for about 7-10 days until the grass begins to stab the top of the stem pointing up.
  2. Watering in the early morning Avoid watering during full sun. In the evening should be watered around 3 pm, the soil will not be moist, which can cause plant disease.
  3. After watering the lawn should not walk and trample on the grass when wet.
  4. Should be cut to an average height of about 1 inch, do not let the grass grow too long. When cut, only the base of the grass is dry, yellow, and hard.
  5. Trim large trees; open the light channel to shine down on the grass below

Factors that cause the grass to die

  1. Plant the base of the tree.
  2. Diseases of plants or fungi caused by accumulated moisture.
  3. The ground is bumpy and flooded.
  4. Pets excrete on the lawn.
  5. Being pushed or pressed against that area repeatedly

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