How to get started with tiktok influencer marketing 

When it comes to influencer marketing on Tiktok, the golden rule is to embrace relevance as it is more than reach. You don’t have to just go for Buy tiktok likes, or reach out to people behind accounts with a following that is large, as that will be an expensive work to do and at the same time, many references relating to your brand might not be interesting to their following.

You need to find out the person posting videos that are within your market niche by going through the discovery tab, and searching several keywords which relate to your products, industry, or services.  Write down the users with the most followers or videos with the most popular following within the topic, watch out the videos to determine the one with a fit that suits your brand and think of how to reach out to them.

As you are going through the process, you will need to look out for the videos that are most popular that are associated with the keywords by searching the discovery top. While you might not get a lot of information about the inner workings of the algorithms of Tiktok that is public, there are some components that allow anyone that has palatable content to become popular.

When a video is posted, it is normally served first to a small group of people on tik tok in between their popular videos on their For You page. It is the reason why when you are going through the For You page, you will come across videos which have fewer likes.

If your video is able to be received well, the first users that received it on your page, chances are that it will be able to get bumped up to a larger user pool, and then to many more as the pool grows. So even if your followers on tiktok are limited, it is possible for your video to still get a lot of likes and skyrocket to success.

While the above might be a great encouragement when you are producing content that is original, it might also give clues about when to get an influencer as they are on the verge of becoming very popular.

Those who are micro-influencers who have one or two popular videos that are viral which gained traction because of a model that is performance based may still be in the process of being able to amass a price tag and a huge following.

Keep an eye for the sift through videos that are popular from the search of keywords and influencer documents to reach out to.

Dabble using original content

Coming up with your own content can be very powerful with tiktok strategy for marketing. However, you have to remember that it will take creativity, time, and resources. Tik tok is a platform for viral content, so your content has to be viral otherwise, ticktockers will ignore it. The easiest way you can make sure that your original content is shareable and popular is by going with the culture of trend.

Utilize the discover page to find out the trending hashtags and come up with your own version of the trend, including your business element.