How to get cashback at Joy Casino

If you ask an avid bettor what is the most negative moment in the conclusion of sports betting, he will undoubtedly say that the loss. Of course, no one is insured from failures in this life, but the Joy Casino online platform is ready to argue with this statement a little. Most recently, the company launched a loyalty program, according to the rules of which, punters will be able to receive 5% cashback for unsuccessful bets. The cricket website will tell you more about the promotional offer.

What can you get cashback for at Joy Casino

The Joy Casino online platform is not only a virtual casino, but also partly a bookmaker’s office where sports betting can be concluded. Of course, the gambling world is insidious, because even though the player thoroughly studied the statistics of the upcoming event before making a stake, it is simply impossible to predict some unexpected moments in the form of an athlete’s injury or something even more global. As a result, even an experienced bettor who earns substantial winnings on bets can lose.

But in the Joy Casino betting company, you can in some sense insure yourself against failures or, at least, return 5% of the lost funds. The most interesting thing is that in this promo the company did not specify limits, which means that you can return any amount.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • You, as always in the usual mode, simply make forecasts on sports events within one calendar month.
  • You see your statistics of winning and lost bets at the end of the month. If you have lost more money than you have won, you will be able to get a refund of up to 5%. If on the contrary, you are lucky to win more than to lose – alas, the offer will be irrelevant to you.
  • However, there is another small nuance, which is also worth paying attention to: if the amount of winnings paid for the last month exceeds the sum of deposits, then cashback will not be credited either.
  • In any case, the amount that you will be entitled to in case of correct calculation will be displayed in your account. And in order for it to be credited to your account, you will need to deposit 50% of the amount of cashback accrued. Exactly 3 days are given to replenish the account for the required amount. If you do not meet this period and do not deposit funds to the balance, your bonus will be canceled.

This event came into force on February 1, 2022 and is indefinite.

Of course, you must be an active client of the Joy Casino BM to participate in the promotion. And to become one, you need to register. By the way, you can get an additional welcome bonus if you specify our promo code in the electronic questionnaire when creating a gaming account. With it, you can activate 30 free spins for the slot.

Please note that access to the Joy Casino online platform is not open in all regions. If the resource does not open on your device, use VPN to change the IP address or the mirror of the site.

In general, you will agree that the conditions for receiving cashback at Joy Casino are not difficult at all. If you lose, you will be able to return 5% of the funds spent. And if in a month the sum of winnings will be more than the amount of losses, then you will not even notice that somewhere you lost something.

You can check out even more interesting offers from virtual casinos and bookies on the website. There you can find a lot of promo codes that activate profitable incentives and current news about cricket, forecasts and life hacks.

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