How to Enjoy a Delightful and Rewarding Summer Shopping Experience in Dubai

Malls in Dubai are the go-to places for both locals and tourists during summer. They are the perfect places that allow you to escape the uncomfortable heat, indulge in delicious and refreshing eats and drinks, and do plenty of fun or relaxing activities while staying cool and without getting drenched in sweat.

Engaging in retail therapy is also something you can’t avoid doing when you go to the mall. With numerous shops showcasing collections of the latest and best clothes and accessories, it can be pretty difficult simply walking past them, buying nothing, even with the many temptations.

However, during summer, there is more to shopping than just entering your favourite stores or any shop that catches your eye and filling your basket with whatever you find interesting.

In the summer, you can get more out of shopping in Dubai with a few tips and tricks.

Best Shopping Hacks for Shopping in Dubai During the Summer

Below are some tips and tricks for having a more enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience in Dubai during the summer:

1. Take advantage of Dubai Summer Surprises.

The Dubai Summer Surprises or DSS is an annual event unique only to the City of Gold.

This year’s 10-week event (July to September) is packed with extraordinary retail opportunities, which you can find throughout the city’s malls and shopping centres. You will come across mega sales and deals that may be too good to pass.

Throughout the event, international and local fashion retail brands and stores have numerous items on sale, buy one, take one deals, huge discounts, and other promos. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, a watch, or new clothes to update your wardrobe, you will save plenty of money and get exactly what you want.

Various malls also conduct promotions that allow shoppers to get rewards. For instance, if you spend the required minimum amount at a participating retail store, you can get a raffle entry for a chance to score gift cards and other exciting prizes.

The Dubai Summer Surprises is one of the best reasons to visit the city or go on a shopping spree during the warm season.

2. Look for coupons and deals online.

Before shopping, go online and do a quick search for stores with ongoing sales and fashion brands that have promos.

Visit the website and social media accounts of malls and retail stores to find out if they are on sale or have any discounted items or promos. If they don’t have any at the moment but have some in the next week or so, consider postponing your shopping spree and wait for these promotions.

Following the social media pages of your favourite malls and retail brands can also help you discover new deals and exclusive offers. You can even get notifications when they have a sale or promos to ensure you won’t miss out on any.

Also, sign up on or constantly check coupon sites to get updated and verified discount coupons or codes you can use when you go shopping.

However, make sure you look for websites or use apps that offer coupons that can be used in Dubai. You don’t want to get too excited for a particular promo and end up disappointed since they are not valid here.

3. Try to do all your shopping in one place.

Although hopping from one shop to another is part of the fun and thrill of shopping, try to buy everything you want from only one store to avoid going over your budget.

Department stores and hypermarkets are your best options if you are shopping for a variety of items. They have everything you need ranging from clothes, household essentials, and food to cosmetics, electronics and school supplies.

You can also discover plenty of deals in these stores, particularly when you buy bulk items, allowing you to save more money and ensure you always have a stock of your essentials.

If you are looking to expand your wardrobe, there are several retail stores that have everything you need to look stylish from head to foot. As such, consider completing your checklist from such shops.

4. Consider shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The best days to shop in Dubai are every Wednesday and Thursday.

This is because most people go to the mall and shops during weekends. To prepare for shoppers, the store personnel start marking down old merchandise and bringing out new stocks on Wednesday or Thursday.

If you shop on Friday and Saturday, you can score amazing deals, but you might have a limited selection to choose from. Because of this, there is a chance you might not get the item you want to buy.

When you shop on a Wednesday or a Thursday, you can have more products to choose from, whether or not they are marked down.

5. Check the expiration dates.

If you are shopping for cosmetic products, perfumes, and other personal care products on sale, check their expiration dates first before buying them.

Many cosmetic and personal care products on sale are those nearing their expiry dates. Even if you are getting these items for next to nothing, avoid getting too many of them since there is a risk you may not be able to use all of them before they expire in a few months’ time.

However, you can consider buying plenty of these items if you intend to give them out as gifts.

6. Limit the trendy items you buy.

Many stores offer the biggest discounts for products that they won’t be able to sell when the year is over.

Examples of these are clothes and shoes that are too specific to the current year’s style. You will likely wear them only for a few weeks or months and end up burying them in your closet or giving them away.

If you want to have wardrobe essentials that you can wear not only for a year or few months, buy clothes and accessories that are considered classics and limit your purchase of trendy ones.

7. Understand the store return policy.

During sales and shopping festivals, you may get too excited and buy several items on a whim. However, you may start getting second thoughts about these products when you get home.

Whether you bought something on impulse or got an item in the wrong size, make sure you can return or exchange these products by understanding the store’s return policy.

When shopping, ask the sales staff regarding their return policy. The details are also often written on the receipt, so read and keep yours before leaving the store.

You can also read the store’s return and refunds policy on their website, so take the time to do so before you go shopping.

Dubai has plenty of fun activities to offer to locals and tourists every summer, one of which is shopping. Follow these tips so you can get more when you engage in retail therapy this summer season.

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