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How to Create a Successful Online Form

One of the best tools to boost your digital marketing is the use of forms. These simple questionnaires have become the perfect ally for all entrepreneurs that is why this time we share some tips for you to learn how to create fillable pdf forms free online.

The goal of this article is that when you finish reading it, you know how to create forms and are ready to create your own. Of course, using, your best ally to collect the information you need.

What is an online form?

Online forms are a very popular tool in market research, as they allow you to collect information, for example, from the people who visit your website.

A form is generally composed of simple questions, which are registered in a database that is later processed for different objectives, such as creating strategies for your target audience.

Advantages of creating an online form

With the use of online forms you can obtain great advantages by obtaining relevant information from the target audience and their needs.

Among the main benefits of creating online forms are the following:

  • It allows you to segment your target audience and direct strategies appropriately.
  • Know the needs of your customers
  • Save time and money during the creation of campaigns and advertising of your brand.
  • You will be able to make better decisions for your organization based on data collection.

How to create a successful online form?

Let’s start with the basics. How to create a form? The answer is quite simple if you choose the right path.

Regardless of the types of online forms you want to create, the first step is to choose the tool that you will use to create your questionnaire. There are many ways to achieve this, but this time we will focus on 2:

  • Create a form with HTML
  • Create a form using a platform

How to create a successful online form using MightyForms

To create an online form with MightyForms perform the following steps:

  • Login to your account and go to your surveys
  • Create a new poll and give it a name
  • Later, precious “Create survey”
  • Select the option “Add question”
  • Select the option “Contact information”

You can edit each information box to request the data that is convenient for you, based on the objectives of your survey.

How to create a form with HTML

Although you do not need to be a professional in HTML and CSS languages ​​to know how to create a successful form, following this guide and knowing the basic principles will help you a lot. If you are completely unaware of everything related to these languages, we recommend going to the section on creating a form using software.

To create a form we will use a very common HTML tag for this function, we refer to <form> </form> tags. With them you can build your first form.

Step 1. As a first step you will need to enter the tag in a code editor in a basic structure composed of a header and a body. The structure will be approximately as follows:



<title> Your first form </title>


<form action = “/ your-script” method = “post”>



In the <form> section, two important properties are included, the first is known as action, it specifies the place where the collected information will be sent and the script that will make it possible. Finally, the data transfer method is specified with the method tag, the most popular are “get” and “post”.

Step 2. You will need to add the necessary fields to collect the data you need.

<form action = “/ your-script” method = “post”>


<label for = ”name”> Name: </label>

<input type = ”text” id = ”name” />



<label for = ”mail”> Email: </label>

<input type = ”email” id = ”mail” />



<label for = ”msg”> Message: </label>

<textarea id = ”msg”> </textarea>



As you can see, we use the <label> tag; this is of vital importance to determine what type of data is expected from users, in the same way it will allow us to identify the data collected.

Step 3. You must insert a button to complete the action; you can do it with the following code snippet:

<div class = ”button”>

<button type = ”submit”> Send message </button>


Clever! You have finished building the structure of your first form. Obviously, two very important steps are needed to guarantee the correct functioning of our online form.

These elements are the script and address with which you will collect your form, that is, the place and process with which the collected data will be saved.

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