How to Create a Food Delivery App like UberEats in 2021:


A revolution came in around late 90s by the introduction of food delivery application. This was the biggest gift of us to foodies. In the life span of more than 25 years the food delivery application reaches their peaks and still setting the milestone for other members of the software world.for the development of such application you can hire delivery application developers from here

Food delivery applications are the gadgets based applications usually accessed by mobile or laptop intended to deliver food from the culinary industry, but later on with  transformation they started delivery groceries, cooking equipment and defrost food items as well.

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Uber Eats:

About 7 years back two major food delivery were competing each other then uber announced the launch of uber eats in August, 2014. In beginning uber Eats starts to crawl in the race of generation of revenue and stability. They start spreading their network to different countries. As uber eats have edge of already existing uber market ( already known for its mobility service providers). They are California based company. Uber Eats is escalating around the world. It is currently effective in 6,000 cites of 24 different countries. With the association of postmates uber Eats beat the leading food delivery app in 2020 and up till now it is the most revenue generator of 2021.

They generate the revenue of 4.8 billion USD and spreading its user population to 66 million by the end of 2020. The possible reason behind the uber eats success are:

  • Wide range of restaurants of about 6,00,000 according to the data of 2020
  • Use of artificial intelligence in suggesting the food to the consumers.
  • You can schedule your meal and press on deliver immediately or deliver asap option if you are ordering by web.
  • On time delivery.
  • Delivery in almost all the areas.
  • Detailed cuisine information.
  • Notification of recommendations, delivery, orders, offers and almost every thing to all the users.
  • Cashless payment method.
  • Contactless delivery.

Cons of Uber Eats:

  • 15% service charges,
  • Faced delayed delivery,
  • Sometimes delivery of in complete ordes because driver can’t check the order.
  • Complex coupin options

Developing the application like Uber Eats:

The development of an application that will be competent enough to work like uber eats must contain all the features and icons of uber that required an expert  developer and updating it on daily basis.

Things you must avoid in development of app like uber eats:

  • On time delivery,
  • Asking for too much delivery fees.
  • Full of hassle delivery.
  • Poor delivery method.

Things you should consider are the above mentioned features for engaging larege number of people.

While developing an application which worked like the Uber Eats will cost from 70k to 150k  and time required for the development of almost  5 to 6 months.


Uber Eats become successful because of its vast territory and availability on everywhere in 6000 cites and their restaurant variety as they use artificial intelligence as a commanding tool which suited to them best. If you really want to compete them you have to own all of these quality  otherwise you will be left behind like Gru Hub, no matters how competent you are.

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