How To Convert Monero (XMR) To Bitcoin (BTC)

A digital currency converter is used to understand how much Satoshi or another cryptocurrency will cost in various other traditional currencies. As a result, the investor will be able to understand how much money he was able to earn in dollar or ruble equivalent.

Calculators and converters are highly demanded services, therefore the overwhelming majority of portals provide such services. To find bitcoin to monero converter in terms of functionality, there are practically no characteristic differences, with the exception of the number of directions. Therefore, the user gives preference to one or another portal, depending on the interface, as well as additional features such as a mobile application.


Initially, this service was created exclusively as a monitoring of exchangers, but over time, useful articles appeared on the site, as well as additional services, including an online cryptocurrency converter. Therefore, on this portal, you can easily determine how much 1 Bitcoin will cost in dollars or any other currency.

The calculator allows conversion of two types:

  • direct;
  • reverse.

Everyone will be able to determine how much digital currency or Satoshi is required to purchase such fiat currencies as:

  •  Dollar;
  •  Euro;
  •  Russian ruble;
  •  Hryvni;
  •  tenge.

Each Bitcoin is divisible up to eight characters after the decimal point, respectively, one coin can be divided into 100,000,000 additional units. Actually, each unit is called Satoshi. Thus, in terms of terminology, Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. If you live in UAE and want to invest in Polkadot as it will allow for different networks to work independently, but interact with each other if they want. Then you should know how to buy polkadot in uae.


Cryptonator is an extremely understandable and practical service for tracking the current rates of digital and fiat currencies. This calculator allows you to almost instantly convert absolutely any cryptographic coin into another currency. In particular, the system is equipped with a huge number of different directions, which, of course, can be called a significant advantage.

It is noteworthy that the Cryptonator, unlike other services, supports not only work with BTC or LTC, but also with other equally popular coins, in total we are talking about more than 300 names. Moreover, the list is regularly updated.

The calculation process is carried out not only online, but also through a special mobile application, if desired, the user can make personal settings. Really important digital currencies can always be added to the Pinned Rates status. This is done for instant access and convenient online monitoring on 20 different exchanges.

Another equally popular function of the mobile application is the Portfolio, which is used to track the value of absolutely all cryptographic coins. As a result, the software clearly demonstrates the grand total in rubles, dollars or euros. The user only needs to select the currency, and also specify the quantity, the program will independently calculate the current price. You can add up to 100 assets to your portfolio.

Alternative to online cryptocurrency converters

It is completely unnecessary for a modern user to look for a special service that would allow converting digital currency into fiat currency or vice versa. Today, there is a very competitive alternative – browser extensions.

It goes without saying that access to such plugins is provided absolutely free of charge. The user only needs to download the extension from the market, and then, if necessary, you can always calculate the ratio of the digital coin to the fiat currency.