How to connect public WIFI securely

When connecting to a public WiFi network, a user leaves themselves open to potential threats. However, if you use Planet VPN to encrypt your traffic, you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite cafe’s wifi or your leisure time online because of this.

Why Public WIFI using is not secure:

Imagine you are in charge of the data transmission device. That is, the IP address and service headers allow you to zero in on the precise network node from which the user is sending and receiving data. And all you have to do is watch what the user does.

The passwords for most public Wi-Fi hotspots are either not required or are trivially cheap to obtain. In other words, the password prevents any stranger from connecting to the network through this access point.

However, these passphrases are typically written in plain sight inside the eatery or hotel where the free WiFi can be used. Almost always (about 98%), the only security measure for a WiFi network is a password. The WiFi hotspot, and by extension the data flowing through it, can be taken over by anyone with even a basic understanding of IT. The fallout can range from the exposure of sensitive personal information to the loss of monies from online payment card accounts to the theft of crucial business information.

Even yet, this is hardly an argument against using private Wi-Fi rather than public hotspots. Using Planet VPN, you can encrypt all of your online traffic so that no one can monitor or steal your personal data.

How does vpn secure you while using public WIFI:

A virtual private network, or VPN, essentially creates a safe and encrypted connection between your gadget and any other device on the Internet.

Connecting to a public WiFi hotspot without a virtual private network service is like leaving your house without a fence. Anyone can break into your home at any time, whether on purpose or by accident, and cause damage or steal valuables. Having a virtual private network set up in your home makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your private data. Check out free vpn to use

How to protect devices while using Public WIFI:

  • At first go to planet VPN official site and download software for your device
  • Then connect what server you want to use.
  • Now you can visit any website or watch any movies you want.

Hope you understand how to secure your mobile device or PC using public WIFI. because public wifi always try to know the history of your browning sites.

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