How to clean Eavestrough properly?

Keeping your eavestrough clean of debris is great for the maintenance of your roofing system. Climbing a ladder and scooping out leaves and debris may not be a preferable chore but proper eavestrough cleaning ensures that the foundation of your house is safe and water is being re-routed to a safer place.

All in One Exterior recommends that gutter and eavestrough Edmonton should be cleaned twice every year and it should mandatory be after spring. As the weather freezes in the fall make sure you check the eavestroughs and prepare them for winter. It is simpler and better to clear eavestrough before winter. Keep the environment in mind before cleaning. If you have too many trees surrounding your house, then clean the eavestroughs more often. We Offer The Best Roof Cleaning Charleston SC Residents Have Ever Seen!

Note: Eavestrough cleaning is not a simple task. Working from a ladder is always a dangerous position to work in, especially if you have tools in your hand. If you have a second or third storey eavestroughs or you find it uncomfortable to clean, then hire professional eavestrough cleaners from All in One Exterior. Contact them to get a free quote for cleaning.

Equipment needed for eavestrough cleaning

  1. Gloves: Wear work gloves when scooping out debris to avoid getting hurt by any sharp object.
  2. Eye protection: If you are working at a height or with tools in general, you should ensure that your eyes are completely protected.
  3. Small shovel: It will help you loosen and take debris out in the eavestrough.
  4. Bucket: It will help you collect the scooped out debris.
  5. Ladder: Make sure the ladder is a stable one. Take care you don’t put too much pressure on the eavestrough through the ladder.
  6. Garden hose: You can bring a garden hose up to the eavestrough to pour water through it. It will help you test the drainage.

Managing a ladder and equipment together can be a tough job. Don’t be afraid to take help from someone on the ground, even if it is about holding the ladder stable. Remember safety should be your top priority.

Procedure of cleaning eavestrough

Place the ladder at the end of your eavestrough and work at the downspouts side. Make sure you have tools you need within your reach or someone available to pass them to you. Run some water through the eavestrough to know if there are any blockages or check if there are any leaks.

Use a shovel to remove debris and leaves from the eavestrough. Make sure you don’t extend it too far. Always be gentle with it.

After the debris is clear, run water through the eavestrough to see if the flow is smooth or not. Reposition your ladder and repeat the cleaning procedure for all eavestrough and downspouts. 

Go for scheduled cleaning

Cleaning eavestrough and downspouts are simple if you get used to them by repetitively cleaning them. However, it is tiring and time consuming too. So, if you need to maintain your eavestrough every season, you should hire experts to handle it for you.

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