How to choose the Best T-shirt Printing Machine

In the fashion world, the pattern of your t-shirts is one of the things you need to be very careful with. However, how well the image will be portrayed on your t-shirt will be determined by the machine used to do the work. In the following article, we will focus on choosing the best printer and ensuring that it is cost-effective.

While making the choice of printer you need, it’s good to know what you need the most. The answers to questions about how many T-shirts will be printed in a given period will be handy for your chosen printer. It is also advisable to know the speed of a printer. The printer’s duration on a single t-shirt is essential, as this will affect the number of printed items in a day.

What to Look for in the Printer

Quality of the printer

In the Kenyan market today, you will find all sorts of printers, from high-quality outcomes to those that will give you the worst image, expensive printers, and affordable printers, while some are cheap. Therefore, it’s important to note that the t shirt printing machine price in Kenya can be affected by all these factors outlined in this sub-topic.

Quality of the image

The primary purpose of this machine is to provide an image/impression or writing on the fabric. Although this is no simple task, some of these printers will give you an eye-caressing image, while with others, you will only ever know what image is in the picture. The quality of these images dramatically depends on the quality of the printer. The better the printer, the better the painting; as the saying goes, nothing comes on a silver platter. High-quality printers are expensive, and therefore the quality of the printer affects their prices.

Government policy

Different government rules, especially on imported goods, affect the machine’s price. Given that the available printers may not meet the entrepreneur’s specifications/ demands, the person is left with no choice but to import from other countries the machine that satisfies his needs. However, importing the device may be costly, especially in cases where only one machine is being sorted out due to heavy taxation by the government.

Method of Printing

Different machines may use other printing techniques, which affects the quality of the final portrait on the fabric. These techniques require different materials for them to be as effective as possible. However, the materials used vary in price during the manufacturing of the printer, which leads to the difference in the machine’s cost depending on the printing method it uses.

Market competition

The competition in the market of different printers dictates, at times, the cost of the printers, where stiff competition may lead to price fluctuations. In contrast, demand for a particular printer may lead to higher prices by retailers or sometimes even wholesalers according to policies set by the manufacturer.


The price of T-shirt printers is affected by factors, and hence it won’t be a surprise to wake up to a new price tag on the machine you bought yesterday being sold at a higher price or a lower price.

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