How to choose the best private tutor for your kid’s Chinese lessons

The selection process for a Chinese tutor can be overwhelming for parents. But since Chinese proficiency is so valuable, going through the hard work is worth it. After all, you want your child to make the most of their tuition experience. 

Chinese tutoring options vary. Some Chinese tutors in Singapore offer face-to-face classes, while others are focused on providing online lessons. There are Chinese private tutors that offer one-on-one lessons, while others provide lessons in a classroom setting. 

The best Chinese tuition centre varies since every child is also different. Here are some tips to help you choose the best private tutor for your child’s Chinese lessons.

1. Evaluate your child’s Chinese abilities.

Are your household members non-Chinese speakers? Or is your child already familiar with the Chinese language but needs assistance improving their comprehension and fluency? 

If your child has no knowledge of the Chinese language at all, it helps to have them start from the beginning. Chinese tutors in Singapore customise programmes based on the student’s skill level, instead of their age. 

A child may already be in their secondary years but still, need guidance on basic vocabulary and Chinese phonics. 

See if the Chinese tuition centre offers Mandarin lessons for international students. It would help if their private Chinese tutor also speak the language they’re most comfortable with. 

2. Decide between a one-to-one guidance course and a proper Chinese class

  • One-to-one guidance course. 

Face-to-face, one-on-one Chinese classes allow your child to connect with their private tutor. 

Online classes can present several distractions, making it difficult for the tutor to capture the attention of their students. If the Chinese private tutor is right beside your child, it’ll be easier to build rapport and keep your child glued to the class. 

Of course, there’ll still be challenges when it comes to teaching. But the advantage is that the tutor can immediately see where the issue is, communicate with the student for clarifications, and make necessary adjustments. 

  • Chinese classes. 

A proper Chinese class can also be enjoyable for young learners. But you still need to look into several factors to determine if it’s the better option for your child. 

The best Chinese tuition centres in Singapore often offer both one-on-one and classroom lessons. The upside of Chinese enrichment classes is that your child also benefits from social interactions with their peers. 

After all, the goal is for them to learn, appreciate, and practice a new language. To ensure your child receives the support they need, verify the number of students in every class. 

3. Check if they comply with the requirements set by the Ministry of Education. 

Aside from the qualifications of the Chinese private tutors, don’t forget to ask if the tuition centre also follows the requirements set by the MOE. 

Materials should vary but remain relevant to the latest syllabus in school. Exercises should help prepare existing students for their classes and examinations. 

Sign up for free trial classes to find out which Chinese tutor is right for your child

After evaluating the school based on your child’s needs and the tutor’s qualifications, it’s time to see for yourself what your child is likely to experience in class. 

Meet the Chinese tutors in Singapore, get a feel of the environment, and see if your child is likely to take an interest in the tuition programme.