How To Choose The Best Human Hair Extensions?

If you have decided to wear natural human hair extensions but do not know what factors you should take into account so that they do not deceive you. In this post we show you 3 fundamental tips to help you make your best option for human hair extensions.

1. Type of Hair Texture

As a first point you should look at the type of hair of which the extension is, it may be all synthetic, all natural virgin hair or it may be mixed. An irrefutable test to know if the human hair bundle is 100% natural is to ask if the extension can be dyed or if it can be ironed. If your answer is no, it is because it contains a percentage of synthetic that would prevent the hair from changing color, and that with the heat it will frizz. So if you are looking for extensions that are 100% human Remy hair, you can search on HonestHairFactory.Com – One of China Leading Hair Wholesale Vendors.

2. Type of Hair Extension System

nother important tip is to consider what type of hair extension system is the one that will suit you best. There are many systems but to solve your doubts the first question you have to ask is: Do I want a fixed system or a removable system? Depending on your daily life you can choose one option or another, if you like to wear your extensions on specific days, and that you can comb your hair normally, you should choose the removable extensions, clip on and clip in but if for Otherwise you want some extensions that you don’t have to think about how to put them on every morning, our recommendation is that you choose a fixed system such as the Micro-Clips System.

3. The Weight of The Package

If you decide to buy curtain extensions, to place it with the Micro-Clips system, you must take into account the weight of the package. Usually the amount needed to make a good mane is about 80g. There are different brands that even recommend 120g, but you have to look at how those 120g are distributed. The standard human hair weave packages are distributed in a width of 90 cm, which is what is recommended so that excessive layers of extensions do not have to be placed, instead it depends on the brand of extensions if they have packages of more quantity, but they are spread over much longer curtains, which do not give a good placement result.

We hope that these tips can be helpful in your purchase of human hair extensions, and remember that if you need top quality human hair bundles wholesale, welcome to Honesthairfactory.Com.