How to Choose a Forex Broker in India

Currently, anyone who has a minimum start-up capital, access to the Internet and a desire to make money can trade on financial markets. But before every newbie, a completely logical question arises, which broker to choose?

A broker is an intermediary in the Forex trading market that helps in the conclusion of transactions. The profitability, comfort, and safety of trading often depend on how good the chosen broker is. On the Internet, you can find numerous reviews and ratings of Forex brokers, where the advantages and disadvantages of a huge number of potential intermediaries are described in detail.

Which Forex Broker Should a Trader Choose?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the experience, that is, how long the brokerage company has been working in the Forex market. One cannot claim that all young brokerage companies are unreliable and bad, but in order to avoid cooperation with companies from the blacklist of brokers, it is necessary to learn about the broker’s work experience in the Forex industry in India and other countries.

You should not believe everything that is written on the official website of the company, you need to look for real evidence of its seniority and work experience on third-party Internet resources. Therefore, get ready for serious web research.

A broker’s reliability naturally implies a good reputation among traders. Obviously, a company that has been providing brokerage services in the Forex market for a certain amount of time already has a certain reputation. You should not spend too much time studying negative and positive reviews – it is better to read several voluminous reviews and comments and form your objective opinion. Topical forums, blogs of experienced traders, as well as the rating of Forex brokers formed by analyzing real reviews of traders, can help you out in the process.

Forex Reviews of Traders: What to Look for?

In the course of selecting a Forex trading platform and studying information on various Internet resources, it is worth paying attention to the negative comments and feedback from traders related to the deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the quality of order execution.

Every experienced trader in the Forex market knows that negative reviews about a broker regarding the unstable operation of payment systems, delays in depositing money, or withdrawing funds are a real reason not to deal with such a broker. After all, there is a possibility that such a company may cease to exist at any time. Brokerage companies often use offshore accounts, which are potentially unsafe. It is almost impossible to recover money from these accounts in the event of fraudulent activities, company closure, or disagreements with a broker.

Other Essential Criteria to Pay Attention to

  • The presence of high-quality support service in a broker company is also one of the important criteria when choosing a broker. In general, the support of traders from the brokerage company is important: we are talking about the functionality of the personal account, and about the software offered by the broker, and, of course, about technical support – its efficiency and quality. Trustworthy brokers like FXTM offer 24/7 support via several communication channels, which provides traders with the possibility to solve their problems at any time.
  • Check out the amount of the commission, the size of the leverage, and the size of the minimum deposit. It is better not to get involved with the brokers that offer options and other operations, where the result is almost impossible to track and everything depends on the organizer.

Some brokers offer various bonus programs and promotions to newbies. But before using them, you need to study the terms well. Too attractive promotions and generous bonuses can be used by unscrupulous brokers as bait to attract naive and inexperienced newbies.

Bottom Line

As a beginner, you should not dive into real-money trading as soon as you sign up on the site of a chosen broker. Test a platform in a demo mode. In this way, you will not only understand how a company works but also gain practical experience, which is your surefire way to start making money on the Forex market rather than losing it.

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