How To Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

This guide contains all the details about joining prime and its benefits.

What Is CSGO Prime Account?

CSGO Prime Accounts were introduced in April 2016 by Valve to improve the matchmaking system. The idea is that the users having Prime status will be only matched with and against Prime players.

This potentially removes the risk of matching with hackers or cheaters. The ones who carry out malpractices won’t buy prime accounts as they get banned often. So it would be way expensive for them to purchase prime all the time.

Hence, the main benefit of buying Prime is that you can potentially avoid cheaters.

Moreover, when you buy CSGO Prime accounts, you can access all the exclusive items like drops, skins and join all community-owned servers.

Though Prime does not promise a flawless experience, it still enhances your thrill of gaming.

How To Get A CSGO Prime Account?

Scrolling down is the different ways you can use to access the Prime Status:

For all the players who bought before the game was announced free-to-play, it would automatically have enabled the Prime status. In that case, you don’t have to follow these steps as you already are a Prime User.

1. By Using Steam Account 

The most common way of buying CSGO Prime Accounts is through Steam Store. You can immediately access Prime Status by paying $14.99. Many third-party websites also provide Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts. If you choose to buy from there, ensure that the site you choose is legal and credible.

2. Reaching Profile Level 21 

The first thing is to validate your number in your Steam account and then reach Level 21 or above. When you finish any match made games, you will receive EXP. All you have to do is keep playing to get here. The main aim of this is to avoid bot players or newbies from ruining the game.

You can also access Prime Account if you have a Service Medal. To earn a Service medal, you need to be playing the game for a very long time until you make an “X years of service medal.” You might also earn a service medal for participating in any events in the game.

How To Enable The Prime Status?

Once you are eligible to use the Prime feature, all you have to do is click on the “Details” section at the top of your screen. A pop-up window will appear; select “Upgrade.”

Then link your number with your Steam account, and it’s done.

If I Access Prime, Will I Be Able To Play With My Non-Prime Friends?

Yes, you can play with non-prime users. All you have to do is pre-make your match in the lobby. However, remember that if you start a game with a Non-prime member in your lobby, you will only get Non-prime opponents.

This implies that even if you have a Prime account, you cannot play an All-Prime match if you make your match with any non-prime users.

Is It Worth Buying Prime?

Yes, it indeed is worth buying. Since many users keep creating new accounts to deceive other players by carrying out malpractices like wall hacking and aim botting, it can ruin your gaming experience.

However, when you are a Prime user, you will only match with fellow Prime users, decreasing the chances of getting matchmade with hackers or newbies. In addition, when you buy Prime, you don’t have to play the beginner’s level with low-profile weapons and skins.

As a Prime user, you can access many exclusive items like cool gun skins, weapon skins, item drops, souvenir items, and many more. Moreover, when you are a Prime user, you can join any server that is owned by the community.

All in all, accessing Prime features have numerous pros and no significant cons.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, you can use the ways mentioned here to access Prime status and enjoy all the fantastic features that come with it. If you don’t want to invest your time and energy in playing with low-profile weapons and skins, ensure to buy Prime-only from trusted sites. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Prime account right now.

Thank you for reading!

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