How to Boost TV Signal and Enjoy the Uninterrupted Reception

Got a bad TV signal? There’s almost nothing worse than trying to watch your favorite TV show, only to have it cut out at the worst possible time! To get rid of TV reception problems, you’ll have to boost your TV reception.

In 2009, all TV stations in the U.S. began broadcasting digitally. At the time, many people bought a box-top digital receiver to update their TVs. Today most new TVs have a digital receiver built in. But if you’re using an older TV for some reason, getting a digital adapter or “box-top digital receiver” will be important.

Now that we’ve clarified this, here are a few other tips for how you can boost TV signal. They’ll help you get the clear and strong reception you should have, so you can watch all your favorite shows.

Aerial TV Signal Boosters

Can digital TVs still use rabbit ears? Yes, they can, as long as you have them connected to a digital box-top receiver. If you’re tempted to use tin foil on your TV’s rabbit ears, know that tin foil is not the best TV signal booster.

If you want to use an aerial, the best way to improve signal quality is to mount your antenna outside, as high up as you can manage. Try to situate it so that it lines up with where you know your area’s TV stations happen to be. Remember that trees and tall structures in your neighborhood can obstruct your antenna, so avoid them if you can.

Indoor TV Signal Boosters

Using a digital TV signal booster indoors is easy. Start by buying an indoor digital antenna. They’re stocked at most big box and electronics stores at an affordable price.

Placing an indoor antenna follows some of the same general guidelines that apply to outdoor installations. Aim for height and position the antenna so that it faces the locations of your TV stations – downtown for instance.

Some people get good results from placing their TV antenna in the attic, and running a coaxial cable down through the walls to their TV. If you go this route, try to keep the cable length to under 50 feet. Any longer, and you may get a weak signal and need to add a booster.

HDTV Antenna Signal Booster

A TV signal booster amplifier is a device that connects to the cable between your antenna and your digital device. It helps boost the transmission from the antenna to your TV or box-top receiver. This tends to work best when your antenna can pick up the signal just fine from the TV stations, but you have interior obstructions inside your house.

If you’ve tried several strategies to boost your TV signal, but nothing is working, consider hiring an antenna service. These experts can fix your TV reception so you have a nice, clear picture consistently.

They’ll use a combination of signal boosting tools and techniques to get around obstacles that may be ruining your TV watching experience.

It’s Easy to Boost TV Signal at Home

If you think that you need to boost TV signal at home, now you understand what to do and how to get the job done. And if DIY doesn’t seem like a good option, you can always call the pros.

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